New Compact Leak Noise Correlator

MicroCorr 7 is a new leak noise correlator from HWM Palmer Environmental. The system takes advantage of the latest technological developments while building on the proven performance of the MicroCorr series. It features new, highly compact transmitters and a PDA control unit connected to the system via Bluetooth with all the traditional correlator functions.

MicroCorr 7

The easily portable MicroCorr 7 system combines two compact, colour-coded red and blue transmitter outstations which can even be installed below ground if necessary. Connected to the outstations are highly sensitive analogue accelerometer sensors. Noise data from each sensor is transmitted back to the PDA via an interface unit. The PDA compares the signals from each outstation and identifies the precise leak location.

The high visibility PDA interface features clear graphics and simple touch operation. It allows the entry of site data and the selection of preset filter settings to ensure optimum leak detection performance. It can be used anywhere within Bluetooth range of the interface unit, which can therefore often be left in a vehicle. For total portability the lightweight unit can also be easily clipped to a belt.

Power is provided by rechargeable batteries, while all cables use military specification twist-lock connectors for maximum signal integrity and reliability. Various PDA options can be supplied, including a ruggedised version, or the user can supply a suitable PDA if preferred. The complete system fits into a compact satchel for easy carriage between sites. A full range of accessories including hydrophone sensors is available.

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