Datalogger Saves Okehampton College Over $38,000 in Water Costs

MultiLog LX-2 logger quickly identifies spikes in usage

Milford, OH (September 25, 2017) – The MultiLog LX-2 datalogger from utility telemetry specialist HWM (knows as FCS in the United States) has helped cut annual water costs for Okehampton College (Okehampton, U.K.) by over $38,000.

HWM Okehampton BLOG

“A few years ago, our water bill was £50,000 ($65,000),” said Keith Webber, technology coordinator at Okehampton College. “Last year, it was £20,000 ($26,000). The logger has made a huge difference to our awareness of how much water we’re using.”

The MultiLog LX-2 GPRS uses an external battery pack for advanced call frequency. The unit sends flow data every 15 minutes to HWM’s cloud-based server, and then forwards that data to the local water utility company. The data is also displayed via HWM Online, a customer portal for graphing and site management purposes.

According to Webber, a single faucet left running inside the school during a holiday period generated a spike of over $100 in daily water consumption, while electricity for an immersion heater also jumped by 3kW. Using data from the MultiLog LX-2 interface, Webber identified this spike the same day. The detailed flow data even allowed him to pinpoint the exact campus building where the faucet was running.

“The hot tap had been on for 14 hours, but the electricity for the immersion heater cost something like three pounds. You think the electricity is the expensive bit, but actually, it’s the water.”

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Next Generation Multi-Log LX-2 from FCS with Remote 3G Telemetry

Remote programming and firmware upgrades eliminate water monitoring site visits

Milford, OH (August 30, 2017) – The new MultiLog LX-2 from FCS is a battery-powered, multiple channel data logger for flow and pressure monitoring in water distribution networks. The next generation device builds on the monitoring capabilities of its predecessor, the MultiLog, with the addition of remote data transfer and upgraded processing abilities.


In addition to digital and analog inputs, MultiLog LX-2 has a serial input that enables it to connect easily to a wide range of leak noise and ultrasonic level sensors and water meters. Multiple recording options can capture a mixture of minimum, maximum, average or spot values in each sample interval. Resulting data can be transferred wirelessly to the FCS secure DataGate web based portal, and easily accessed from any internet enabled device.

A five-year battery life, along with remote programming and firmware upgrades eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming site visits. MultiLog LX-2 is designed to fit inside very shallow valve box installations, and IP68 rated fully waterproof.

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FCS PermaNet+ TM Offers Leak Detection for Trunk Mains

No site visits or drive-by data collection patrols required

Milford, OH (May 23, 2017) – The new PermaNet+ Trunk Main system from FCS is specially designed to offer continuous leak monitoring for sensitive trunk main pipelines.

The new PermaNet TM from FCS provides continuous monitoring for sensitive trunk mains.

The new PermaNet TM from FCS provides continuous monitoring for sensitive trunk mains.

Leak noise data is collected using high performance hydrophone sensors for long distance monitoring on large diameter mains. Data is transmitted to the base system via low cost GPRS/ 3G telemetry, and analyzed for potential leaks with a dedicated alarm profiling software.

PermaNet+ TM continuously monitors noise and will auto alarm when threshold levels are reached. Secondary validation can be used to eliminate false positives and localize the leak’s location. The system works in conjunction with Google Maps to provide live on-screen tracking, allowing leakage teams to respond quickly to problem areas.

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New FCS Website Offers Streamlined Experience

Milford, OH (April 19, 2017) – Water network monitoring specialist FCS has introduced a new website at The site is optimized for mobile devices, featuring a new design that organizes product information by application for a more streamlined experience.

HWM NewWebsite2017 BLOG

Visitors to the site can quickly find information about the company’s leak detection, data logging and pressure modulation products for water networks, flow and level monitoring for wastewater, water and gas monitoring for AMI, or energy management and building performance monitors for facilities.

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PermaNet+ Leak Detectors Chosen for 3.6 Million Person Water Utility

Devices sold in US by FCS identify leaks quicker than traditional methods

Milford, OH (March 29, 2017) – Britain’s largest water-only utility has partnered with multi-utility monitoring and telemetry specialist HWM (known as FCS in the United States) to target significant reduction in leakage rates. In May 2017, Affinity Water will complete installation of 20,000 PermaNet+ fixed network telemetry systems to protect its network, which currently serves 3.6 million people.

HWM Affinity BLOG

PermaNet+ permanently monitors water network infrastructure without extensive site visits, identifying leaks more quickly than traditional methods and allowing for rapid deployment to fix any leaks that occur. This significantly reduces both water loss and the cost of identifying leaks within a water network.

“Using the HWM PermaNet+ solution, we can continuously monitor 25 percent of our network, identifying leaks in a matter of hours, rather than the days it takes using conventional techniques and technologies,” said Drew Ritchie, managing director of wholesale operations at Affinity Water.

Data generated by the device is automatically sent to the user through a combination of GPRS cellular communication or SMS, removing the need to visit sites for data collection. The unit also sends an audio file for remote monitoring and correlation to pinpoint the leak position. PermaNet+ installs entirely underground, making it less intrusive and more practical for large-scale deployment.

“Of all the UK water companies, at Affinity Water we’ve set ourselves the largest percentage leakage reduction over the current five-year [AMP6] planning period,” said Ritchie. “We’re achieving this with HWM’s PermaNet+, challenging industry thinking and methodologies to change the economics of finding leaks.”

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Compact FCS PermaNet F Leak Noise Sensors for Tight Underground Spaces

Sensors install in minutes and detect leaks overnight

Milford, OH (February 24, 2017) – PermaNet F leak noise sensors from FCS provide water network managers with a fixed base cellular network to monitor leakage. The compact sensors were designed to quickly install into small underground spaces, providing readings with dramatically reduced noise interference compared to those taken with above ground sensors.

PermaNet F compact leak noise sensors from FCS.

PermaNet F compact leak noise sensors from FCS.

PermaNet F sensors work by recording noise levels and tracking consistent noise to build a sound profile, which is the only reliable methodology to find existing leaks. Units can then detect a leak after only one night. The sensors communicate with host software using 3G cellular communication, allowing large amounts of data to be transferred with no radio mesh infrastructure to maintain. Once received, host software correlates the sound files for leak noise and helps users determine the location of any leaks. All data belongs solely to the customer, and can be accessed on any web enabled device.

PermaNet F sensors feature a long battery life, and are fully sealed and submersible with an IP68 waterproof rating.

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Pegasus+ Pressure Controllers Cut Utility’s Weekly Water Costs by Over 30 Percent

Milford, OH (November 2, 2016) –Using the Pegasus+ pressure control system from conservation specialist HWM (known as FCS in the United States), Bournemouth Water municipal water supplier (Bournemouth, U.K.) achieved significant cost savings on repairs, leakage and production costs.

Bournemouth Water utility cut costs by over 30 percent with FCS Pegasus+ pressure controllers.

Bournemouth Water utility cut costs by over 30 percent with FCS Pegasus+ pressure controllers.

Bournemouth Water supplies drinking water to nearly 500,000 people in southwest England. Historically, the company only used pressure management in areas where high pressure existed, and not as a form of reducing leakage across the distribution network. In an attempt to increase efficiency, Bournemouth Water engineers conducted a thorough analysis of the network, concluding that extensive pressure management could take place at the DMA level. This could produce savings from leakage reduction and production costs while increasing the lifetime of the aging network.

After comparing a number of suppliers, Bournemouth Water selected HWM and its Pegasus+ pressure control system. The system allows Bournemouth engineers to set target pressures by time, flow, or a combination of different settings per day of the week, providing the enhanced control necessary to achieve the projected cost savings.

After installing the equipment in 2015, Bournemouth Water reduced pipe bursts by 54 percent, and weekly production costs by over $2,400 from the previous year. The company is on target to achieve its projected savings and plans to look for other areas where pressure management can increase efficiency.


New PCorr+ Leak Noise Logger and Correlator from FCS

Leak noise identification with added sound file listening and remote correlation modes
Milford, OH (September 27, 2016) – FCS introduces the next generation of its popular Permalog leak noise logger. The PCorr+ continues to enable water suppliers to quickly locate leaks in a water network, now with advanced features such as remote leak noise sampling and listening, and correlation between loggers.

FCS PCoor+

New PCorr+ the next generation of the popular Permalog leak noise logger.

PCorr+ loggers are installed magnetically on pipe fittings throughout a distribution system, and continuously monitor for leak noise. If leak noise is identified, the unit immediately enters an alarm state, transmitting a radio signal to indicate a leak condition.

Data from PCorr+ loggers is gathered via drive-by data collection with the new Patroller 3 USB radio receiver, designed to work with both PC and handheld devices. PCorr+ has improved surveying speed, enabling fast radio download of new data, including a sample of the leak noise for secondary validation. The loggers also feature a correlation mode that allows users to calculate the precise location of a leak without a separate leak noise correlator.

PCorr+ loggers are capable of permanent, semi-permanent, or “lift and shift” rapid deployment and collection. The unit features a 5-year battery life, and automatic download of up to one month of leak noise history.

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FCS OmniColl Universal Modbus Receiver for Improved Data Collection at WEEC

Receiver collects and stores facility energy usage data from up to 255 OmniColl transmitters
Milford, OH (September 20, 2016) – FCS will demonstrate its Omnicoll Universal Modbus Receiver at its booth 220 at the 2016 World Energy Engineering Congress. The show will take place from September 21-23 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Washington, D.C.).


The Modbus Receiver works in conjunction with OmniColl transmitters and sensors to provide long-range wireless, fixed network data collection for monitoring facility energy usage. Users simply program the receiver with the addresses of the transmitters. Once the receiver detects the transmitters, data and corresponding transmitter IDs are kept in memory and reported to a Modbus Master on demand.

A single receiver can collect data from up to 255 OmniColl transmitters and/ or sensors. If more end point connections are required, multiple receiver units can be deployed side-by-side without any duplication of data or effort.

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New FCS Intelligens Waste Water Data Logger at WEFTEC 2016

Intrinsically safe data logger ideal for remote or hard-to-access applications
Milford, OH (September 8, 2016) – FCS will display its new Intelligens wastewater remote data logger at the Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, booth 2554. The show takes place from September 26-28 at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center (New Orleans, La.).

FCS Intelligens Waste Data Logger

New FCS Intelligens Waste Water Data Logger ideal for remote and hard-to-access applications

The FCS Intelligens provides intrinsically safe (ATEX Zone 0 certified) data logging for monitoring open channels, combined sewer overflows, storm drains, storage tank levels and other wastewater applications. Multi-input functionality allows it to be used in combination with depth sensors, switch floats and overflow detectors, as well as Doppler sensors. Data and alarms are transmitted wirelessly.

The Intelligens features remote programming with two-way connectivity and a five-year battery life, making it ideal for remote or hard-to-access applications. The internal battery can also be supplemented with solar power or external battery packs, further increasing battery life.

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