Elfab prevents environmental contamination with Double-Disc Opti-Gard™

Dual layer rupture disc prevents leakage in severe conditions

Elfab, Europe’s leading manufacturer of rupture discs, has developed the Double-Disc Opti-Gard™ for use in extreme applications such as oil and chemical facilities where leakage could cause environmental contamination.

Elfab’s Double-Disc Opti-Gard�™

The Double-Disc Opti-Gard is a dual disc pressure relief system composed of a primary and secondary rupture disc with a pressure gauge or switch to monitor the space between the discs. In the event of a pressure build-up causing the primary disc to rupture, the secondary disc prevents leakage of hazardous material while the intermediate pressure sensor warns equipment managers and maintenance crews of the need to repair the compromised primary disc.

The Opti-Gard disc is manufactured with a standard +/-3% tolerance from corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C267. In addition to protecting against environmental hazards, the disc’s one-piece design negates the risk of separate holders being incorrectly installed.

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