Elfab improves manufacturing capabilities with machinery upgrade

Electro discharge machinery further improves on industry’s shortest lead times

Elfab, a European pressure relief product manufacturer, has further improved on its already top-of-the-industry lead times by investing in an electro discharge machine (EDM).  The investment in an EDM will allow Elfab to shorten lead times by an additional one third.

The new AE300 CNC Submersible Wire Cut machine was manufactured by ONA and uses an electro-discharge process to precision cut metals. Elfab produces pressure-relief products for almost every industry where pressure relief is required, and the highly precise machine allows Elfab to manufacture its composite rupture discs with approximately half the man hours required by the
previous system.

“The system further enhances Elfab’s in-house manufacturing capabilities and will assist in new product development.  It also allows for the more robust operating conditions needed to satisfy the demand created by our extensive sales growth,” said Elfab’s operations director, John Fulton.

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