Pressure management experts to promote working in combination at Valve World 2014


Using rupture discs as secondary pressure relief to offer greater, more cost-effective explosion protection

Most modern process plants now use safety relief valves to manage variations in pressure within their system and to prevent potential disastrous explosions caused by overpressurisation. Increasingly, engineers are using a rupture disc in combination with their traditional valve to enhance the pressure relief solution and achieve the most cost effective explosion protection.

Using a rupture disc in addition to a valve means the system benefits from the unique advantages of each individual solution, whilst maintaining a reasonable cost. Process leakage into the atmosphere is kept to a minimum and valve life is extended by isolating corrosive fluids from internal valve parts. As secondary protection, discs also offer a back up in case of downtime and can enhance the SIL level of the system by adding layers of protection. For safety-critical applications, “doubling up” in this way not only offers greater protection to the infrastructure of a process plant, but also to its people.

As a leading manufacturer of rupture discs, explosion vents and associated detection systems, Elfab will be displaying its latest product developments at Valve World this year, aiming to further strengthen its well-established pressure intelligence brand.

Visit us on stand 5B08

Key members of Elfab’s management team will be on the stand offering expert advice on using rupture discs to compliment your valve applications. If you would like more information, or would like to arrange a formal meeting during the Show, call +44 (0)191 2931234 or email

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Supporting engineers working within SIL Rated processes

Greater rupture disc reliability for high integrity hazardous applications

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The IEC industry standards detailing the safety performance requirements for hazardous operations have been widely adopted by many industries (IEC 61508 and IEC 61511). However, the requirement within high integrity industries, like the Oil and Gas sector, to further quantify levels of compliance within these standards has led to the implementation of the Safety Integrity Level (SIL). SIL is another measurement of the reliability of protection systems in hazardous processes.

Knowing suppliers comply with such requirements enables users to specify more suitable pressure relief and associated detection devices into their high-risk installations, where the reliability of the safety system is paramount. Using generally recognised models for risk assessment and risk reduction, engineers are now finding this an effective way to improve a systems overall safety.


Elfab offers a wide range of pressure relief solutions to safety-critical industry sectors across the globe, and is constantly developing its range to meet customer demands and strengthen its pressure intelligence brand. If you would like to know more about SIL, or need advice on how Elfab can support you in your safety-critical processes please contact the company on +44 (0)191 293 1234 or email

Elfab rupture discs and burst detection assemblies make a valuable contribution to these systems. Rupture discs have become an increasingly popular method of pressure relief in modern process plants with ever-increasing safety standards and environmental considerations. The need for reliable yet cost-effective detection systems to indicate when a disc has functioned has also become a pressing requirement. This has led disc manufacturers and customers alike to seek increasingly advanced systems that provide reliable protection. In response to customer requirements Elfab is now able to assist engineers working within stringent SIL rated conditions.

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Elfab names Russell Trotter as Business Development Director

Russell Trotter3

Former Texecom Director will oversee global new customer acquisition strategy

Pressure management specialist Elfab has appointed Russell Trotter as its new Business Development Director for all products and markets worldwide, bringing with him 14 years’ mechanical and electronic B2B experience.

Russell originally joined Elfab in 2000 as Operations Director and was instrumental in the design and development of new pressure relief products, including Elfab’s Opti-Gard™ range of reverse-acting rupture discs, and its non-intrusive rupture disc detection system, Flo-Tel™. After 7 years, Russell moved to sister company Texecom, an electronics design and manufacturing business in the intruder alarm system industry, where he was responsible for all manufacturing, procurement, quality and process engineering. During his time at Texecom, Russell took on the role of Business Development Director for the Klaxon Wide Area signalling brand, contributing to substantial growth and gaining significant sales and marketing experience.

As a leading manufacturer of rupture discs, explosion vents and associated detection systems, Elfab plans to grow significantly over the next few years, further penetrating its existing markets, as well as developing sales in new markets. Geographical growth areas for the company include the Middle East, Africa and Russia. Returning to Elfab with his extensive sales development experience Russell is set to spearhead this expansion.

Russell is MBA qualified via Durham University UK and NEBOSH trained in UK HSE management.

Commenting on his new position, Russell said: “I look forward to developing a legacy in the new markets we are entering, securing a strong brand presence and increasing our market share.”

As associate sponsor at the 6th Annual Process Safety Implementation Summit in Abu Dhabi in September, Russell will be representing Elfab at the conference and delivering a seminar on rupture disc technology. If you would like to know more about this seminar, or would like to speak to Russell, please contact the Elfab office on 0044 (0)191 2931234 or email


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New rupture disc developed for duplex holders

Elfab’s Opti-Gard™ now suitable for even wider range of applications

Elfab has launched a new version of its Opti-Gard™ rupture disc for use with duplex holders. Opti-Gard™ High-Strength Magnet (OPM) will typically benefit customers in the oil and gas industry and makes the Opti-Gard™ range suitable for an even wider range of applications.

Opti-Gard now suitable for duplex holders

The Opti-Gard™ system comprises a reverse-acting rupture disc, a single-design holder and Flo-Tel™, a non-invasive, ATEX-approved detector. The Flo-Tel™ sensor fits into the rupture disc holder while a magnet is attached to all Elfab rupture disc products. When the disc bursts, the magnet arcs away from the sensor and produces an open circuit signal. After functioning, only the disc needs to be replaced, saving on both material costs and downtime.

Previously, Flo-Tel™ could not be supplied for applications requiring duplex holders, as duplex stainless steel is magnetic and prevented the detector from functioning correctly. OPM features a high-strength magnet, allowing its detection system to be used across a wider range of process conditions where duplex holders are required.

Flo-Tel™ offers a wide range of unique benefits to customers requiring notification of disc burst, being the only integral ATEX-approved detection system available on the market. Unlike traditional membrane detectors, Flo-Tel™ is reusable and so only requires a one-off installation, saving significant costs associated with ongoing wiring. Since it is isolated from downstream pressure fluctuations or aggressive media, it will not cause unnecessary downtime through spurious “failure” indication.

Like the traditional Opti-Gard™ disc, OPM continues to offer some of the best performance specifications on the market for liquid, gas and vapour applications, featuring a three per cent tolerance and 95 per cent operating range.

Elfab offers a wide range of products and services to safety-critical industry sectors across the globe, and is constantly developing its product range to meet customer demands and strengthen its pressure intelligence brand.

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Two-way rupture disc delivers significant cost savings

Product covers both positive and negative pressure relief

Elfab has developed a two-way rupture disc to prevent vessel damage under vacuum or from overpressure.

Elfab's two-way rupture disc prevents vessel damage under vacuum or from overpressure.

Customers who previously relied on separate rupture discs for positive and negative pressure relief can now use this disc alone to fulfil the same protective function via a single installation point. This allows customers to safeguard their application while significantly reducing costs.

Available in non-fragmenting composite or graphite designs, and compatible with liquid, gas and vapour, the two-way disc is suitable for most customer applications. Both disc designs feature Elfab’s unique non-invasive, ATEX-approved detection system, Flo-Tel™, making them the only bidirectional discs on the market to benefit from reusable burst detection. Instant burst indication is critical to many process applications while the detection system’s reusable nature enables customers to make further cost savings.

The composite design is supplied in stainless steel as standard but a wide range of other materials can also be provided. The graphite disc is non-torque sensitive and needs no holder, instead fitting directly between flanges. Both can be installed between a variety of flange arrangements, depending on specific application requirements.

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Elfab debuts at Gastech with new burst detection system

Flo-Tel™ XD is first Ex d-approved system on market

Elfab will use its first appearance at Gastech to show its new Ex d-approved burst detection system.

Non-invasive and fail-safe, Flo-Tel™ XD is the first system of its kind available on the market. For over a decade, Elfab’s Flo-Tel™ detector has indicated when a rupture disc has functioned within harsh operating conditions. The new design negates the need for intrinsic safety barriers, making it more cost-effective. Including an Ex d junction box with M20 tapping, Flo-Tel™ XD accepts industry-standard cable glands and is suitable for use in Zones 0, 1 and 2.

Elfab will also display a selection of products and videos, focusing on the Opti-Gard™ rupture disc range and Flo-Tel™+ burst detection system.

Elfab representatives available on the stand will include managing director Simon Keenan, marketing director Deborah Bevan, Asia-Pacific general manager MK Kannan and customer services representative Claire Lim.

Gastech will be held at KINTEX 1, Goyang City, South Korea from 24-27 March 2014. Elfab can be found on Stand A310.

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Elfab awarded ISO/TS 29001:2010 certification

First rupture disc manufacturer to achieve oil and gas industry-specific standard

Elfab has been awarded ISO/TS 29001:2010 approval for its quality management system. Elfab is the first rupture disc manufacturer to satisfy the third edition of technical specification ISO/TS 29001, developed specifically for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

Elfab has achieved ISO/TS29001:2010 certification

Explaining the significance of the accreditation, Elfab’s quality manager Bryan Tate said: “This approval demonstrates Elfab’s commitment to industry best practice and continual quality improvement. It allows us to streamline operations to continually improve our technical knowledge and reduce waste, which will benefit our customers in the long term.”

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance carried out an internal audit at Elfab’s premises in August 2013, with official certification following two months later. This is a further addition to Elfab’s extensive range of quality approvals.

Ed Durante, project leader of the ISO/TC 67 working group that developed ISO/TS 29001:2010, described the standard as “the baseline requirement for quality management systems in the exploration and production sector of the petroleum and natural gas industry. The document is gaining acceptance in the refining sector and is being seriously considered in the pipeline sector.”

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New rupture disc detection system Ex d-approved

Flo-Tel™ XD represents another industry-first for Elfab

Elfab has introduced the industry’s first Ex d-approved burst detection system, FloTel™ XD.

Flo-Tel XD, E xd-approved rupture disc detection system

For over a decade Flo-Tel™ has offered customers across a wide range of industries the unique features of ATEX Zone 1, non-invasive, fail-safe and re-useable detection when using rupture discs.

Working with key customers, Elfab’s engineers have sought to offer a more cost-effective system for key applications, such as LNG. Flo-Tel™ is now fully Ex d-approved, negating the need for intrinsically safe barriers and interfacing directly with the customer’s remote terminal unit, all of which reduces installation costs considerably.

As with all of Elfab’s Flo-Tel™ products, Flo-Tel™ XD is a one-time-only installation unit. The system has no moving parts and is therefore exceptionally reliable. Its method of operation is specifically designed to be fail-safe. Any periodic maintenance checks specified by customers can be carried out by a non-electrically-qualified fitter using the Test-Tel™ installation tool.

The Flo-Tel™ sensor fits into the rupture disc holder while a magnet is attached to all Elfab rupture disc products. When the disc bursts, the magnet arcs away from the sensor and produces an open circuit signal. After functioning, only the disc needs to be replaced, saving on both costs and downtime.

Elfab’s Opti-Gard™ range of rupture discs was recently tested to over one million life cycles, a service life more than four times longer than the previous industry-best.

Elfab will be demonstrating Flo-Tel™ XD at ADIPEC 2013. The company will be found in Hall 10, Stand 10370.

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Elfab appoints new sales manager for western Europe

Lee Farms brings 17 years’ experience to the role

Elfab has appointed Lee Farms as its sales manager for western Europe, looking after OEM products.

Elfab's sales manager for west Europe

Lee joins Elfab from precision components manufacturer Katmex, where he was responsible for business development and quality management. He has 17 years’ experience of the metal engineering industry, working across design, production, sales and customer service functions. He also holds a Diploma in Strategic Business Management.

Commenting on his new position, Lee said: “My experience and education have given me a thorough understanding of how a business operates and an appreciation of client needs. I am looking forward to working collaboratively with our clients to fulfil their diverse and individual needs, forging strong and long-lasting partnerships.”

Customers can contact Lee at to enquire about Elfab’s products and bespoke services.

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New Ex d-approved burst detection and world’s first 3% tolerance forward-acting rupture disc on show at ADIPEC 2013

Flo-Tel+™ XD and Safe-Gard deliver significant cost savings

Elfab will be demonstrating its new Ex d-approved burst detection system, FloTel™ XD, and forward-acting rupture disc, Safe-Gard, at ADIPEC 2013.

Flo-Tel™ XD offers one of the most cost-effective burst detection systems available for key applications, such as LNG. Fully Ex d-approved, the new product considerably reduces installation costs by removing the need for intrinsically safe barriers and interfacing directly with the remote terminal unit.

Safe-Gard is the world’s first three per cent tolerance forward-acting rupture disc. This product is particularly useful for high-pressure applications, where customers are seeking to maximise the throughput of their process. It comes ready for use with Flo-Tel™, Elfab’s unique non-invasive detection system.

Elfab will also be showing a range of products and videos at ADIPEC, focusing particularly on the company’s premium Opti-Gard™ rupture disc range.

Key members of Elfab’s board of directors will be present at the company’s stand. Customers should contact Elfab prior to the event to arrange a formal meeting.

Elfab is sharing its stand at ADIPEC with two other Halma companies, Netherlocks and Klaxon Signals.

Netherlocks will be presenting its new ‘Intelligent Interlocking’ platform, which offers higher levels of operator convenience and improved information sharing. The firm will also show its Valve Position Indicator, a device that generates a digital indication of the open or closed position of a valve in the field.

Klaxon Signals has supplied signalling products and warning devices for over 50 years. The company’s product range includes electronic siren systems for hazardous and non-hazardous environments, as well as conventional notification systems. Klaxon acts as a consultant for mass notification system design, offering site-specific sound mapping and design services to establish the optimum mass notification solution.

ADIPEC takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE, from 10-13 November. Elfab, Netherlocks and Klaxon Signals can be found in Hall 10, Stand 10370.

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