Diba Industries, Inc. Precision Probes Improve Reliability for Trinity Biotech

Custom polished probe reduces coring by more than 50 percent

Danbury, Conn. (June 14, 2016) – Diba Industries, Inc. delivered precision probes to help Trinity Biotech reduce service calls and instrument downtime, improving reliability of its HPLC instrument.

Diba's precision probes helped Trinity Biotech improve reliability

Diba’s precision probes helped Trinity Biotech improve reliability

The Premier Hb9210™ is Trinity Biotech’s flagship HbA1c HPLC instrument for measuring glycated hemoglobin to help patients control diabetes mellitus. The instrument has more than 1,300 installations globally. To stay ahead of market demands, Trinity Biotech continually refines the Premier Hb9210 platform. During one review, company engineers identified a potential problem with the piercing probe at the point of sample aspiration. Though the probe functioned as required, coring occurred as it pierced the caps of sample test tubes, leaving tiny bits of rubber waste inside the instrument. Engineers determined these bits of rubber could lead to blockages in the machine and possible unscheduled field service calls.

Trinity Biotech turned to Diba to investigate possible improvements in probe manufacturing. Without changing the basic design, Diba was able to produce probes with a smoother finish on the side-hole port. Trinity Biotech tested the new probe and found it reduced coring by more than 50 percent. When deployed, the new probes will increase reliability to help the Premier Hb9210 meet the growing demands of hospital laboratories.

“This is our strength, working closely with customers to solve difficult fluid handling challenges that improve performance and reliability,” said Gary Helstern, Diba VP, Technology and Development.

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