New and Improved Omnifit® EZ Glass Chromatography Columns from Diba Industries, Inc.

Redesign of conventional Omnifit columns includes improvements based on lab technician survey
Danbury, Conn. (May 24, 2016) – The new Omnifit® EZ glass chromatography columns from Diba Industries, Inc. provide enhanced performance for low- to mid-pressure liquid chromatography or flow chemistry applications. With improvements based on surveys with thousands of lab technicians, the columns are redesigned from conventional Omnifit columns for easier use and more versatility.

Diba EZ Chromatography Columns

Omnifit® EZ Glass Chromatography Columns from Diba redesigned for easier assembly.

EZ columns’ redesigned end pieces allow easier assembly, and improved ergonomics simplify height adjustment of the threaded adjustable plungers. PEEK™ column tube threads won’t chip or break, and upgraded anti-roll features prevent accidental breakage. Omnifit EZ columns are available in new sizes, including 5mm ID in a range of lengths, and 33cm lengths for all ID sizes. The fittings kit was enhanced to include Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal® fitting for 10-32 conical port connections to ensure the correct torque is always applied.

EZ columns maintain many of the same popular features of conventional Omnifit chromatography columns. Precision borosilicate glass provides inertness, visibility and performance. Fixed or adjustable PTFE end pieces include dual o-rings for a secure seal. Superior frit placement ensures bed support and even distribution of sample flow.

EZ columns are manufactured by Diba Industries, Inc. and distributed globally through Kinesis Inc. ( and


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