PEEK™ Cased Ferrules Offer Fully Inert Fluid Path

Diba’s new ferrules eliminate possible exposure to stainless steel

Danbury, CT (May 4, 2011) – Providing an inert fluid path through a completely polymer-based fitting and ferrule system, Diba Industries offers its new line of PEEK™ cased ferrules.  The ferrules are designed for instrument manufacturers and end users that require the leak-free security and zero dead volumes of a permanently attached ferrule, without fluid path exposure to stainless steel.

 Diba’s PEEK™ cased ferrules offer a fully inert fluid path.

Diba’s PEEK™ cased ferrules offer a fully inert fluid path.

Similar products use a stainless steel outer case, which although not in contact with the fluid under normal use, may still be unsuitable to some users.  Diba’s new PEEK cased ferrule has an inert PTFE sealing face and a PEEK outer case, which replaces the usual stainless steel.

Sizes are available from 1/16” and 1/8” OD semi-rigid tubing, and ¼” – 28 UNF and M6 threaded ports.  PEEK cased ferrules are compatible with Diba’s Omni-Lok, Gripper and Click-N-Seal™ fittings.  Its double diameter shell fits into the recesses of Omni-Lok fitting nuts for optimal thread engagement, with maximum sealing surface.

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