Level Sensing Technology from Diba at LabAutomation 2011

Variety of fluid handling components featured at company booth #362

Danbury, CT (December 20, 2010) – Fluid path specialist Diba will feature it HydroPLuS™ level sensing probe at the LabAutomation 2011 Expo, January 29- February 2, at the Palm Springs Convention Center (Palm Springs, FL).  Attendees can view samples of the HydroPLuS along with other Diba products at the company’s booth #362.

Diba’s HydroPLuS™ on display at LabAutomation 2011, booth #362.

Diba’s HydroPLuS™ on display at LabAutomation 2011, booth #362.

The HydroPLuS level sensor features continuous monitoring of non-volatile fluid levels for clinical and scientific applications.  Diba’s patent pending pressure sensing technology provides constant, accurate fluid level readings.  The internally mounted sensor is compatible with any vessel shape or material, and has zero moving parts for maximum reliability.  It is designed to operate in both pressurized and vacuum applications.  Foam is not read as part of liquid level, and there is no need to disconnect the sensor when filling or emptying the container.

Diba will feature a gift giveaway of Click-N-Seal™ fittings at its booth, along with a number of other products and services, including MicroBarb™ chemically inert connectors and DP3 technology for highly passivated probe interiors.  Diba’s heaters, bottle caps, tubing assemblies, chromatography columns and connection systems will also be on display.

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