Diba Industries Showcases Fluidics Solutions at AACC’s Clinical Lab Expo

Company provides designs for all fluid path applications
Danbury, CT (June 25, 2010) – Diba Industries, a custom fluid path provider to a majority of the top global IVD companies, will be introducing innovations in liquid level sensing and internal probe polishing at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo, July 27-29, at the Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, CA).  The company will also showcase the complete Click-N-Seal® family of connectors, and its expanded tubing labeling capabilities at booth 2634.

Diba’s new Diba’s HydroPLuS™ continuous pressure level sensor.

Diba’s new Diba’s HydroPLuS™ continuous pressure level sensor.

Diba’s HydroPLuS™ continuous pressure level sensing technology (patent pending) is designed for non-volatile fluids, compatible with any vessel shape or material, and can also be utilized concurrently as a diagnostic pressure monitor.

Diba’s DP3 process polishes and smoothes the internal surfaces of probes to significantly reduce carryover, and unlike coatings that flake off over time, the DP3 process creates an extremely durable surface.

The company’s Click-N-Seal family of connectors eliminate the guesswork in twisting fittings to “finger-tight.”  The reusable fittings stop at the correct torque every time and accommodate flared, ferrule and barb connections.

Diba’s expanded tubing labeling capabilities include laser-etched labeling for rigid tubing and printing for soft tubing.  The company offers both innovation and functionality to customers’ tubing applications, which are critical to a system’s performance, but often overlooked.  Its dedicated engineers use Diba proprietary technologies and products with industry proven components to design and manufacture optimal fluid path assemblies for the most demanding clinical and scientific applications.

To learn more about the Diba’s products and design capabilities, visit booth 2634 at AACC.

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