Diba Industries Offers Cleanroom Assembly and Packaging for High Purity Applications

Danbury, Conn. (March 29, 2017) – Fluid handling expert Diba Industries’ manufacturing facilities feature an ISO certified Class 7 / Fed Std Class 10,000 cleanroom to meet the needs of customers with high purity and particle-free assembly requirements. The flexible 600 square foot space can be configured to accommodate a team of workers for high volume production of tubing assemblies, kits and integrated manifolds complete with valves, flow regulators and other controls.

DB CleanroomCapabilitiesRD BLOG

“Diba’s OEM customers are global leaders in diagnostics, life sciences and medical devices,” explained John Auer, Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager. “Increasingly, they are looking to us for a seamless one-stop solution. From helping a customer develop the initial specification, through design, manufacture and assembly to packaging, Diba can provide a complete and customized solution. Our cleanroom helps complete that seamless one-stop solution they seek,” says Auer.

Diba employees are trained in cleanroom protocol to ensure consistent quality standards. Diba’s cleanroom procedures are integrated into the Diba Quality Management System.

Sample cleanroom projects include assembly and testing of a diffusion bonded manifold complete with flow restrictors, rocker valves and tubing assemblies with temperature controls.  For another original equipment manufacturer, Diba assembled and packaged kits with tubing assemblies, filters and other consumable accessories.

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Diba Industries, Inc. Helps KNF-Flodos Improve Connections for Simdos® 02 Liquid Pump

Danbury, Conn. (February 24, 2017) – Fluidics design expert Diba Industries, Inc. helped pump manufacturer KNF-Flodos improve fittings connection performance for its Simdos® 02 diaphragm liquid pump.

Diba, KNL-Flodos

Diba Industries, Inc. Helps KNF-Flodos Eliminate Leaks in Simdos® 02 Liquid Pump.

KNF manufactures a range of OEM liquid and gas pumps for medical devices and ink-jet printing as well as stand-alone laboratory pumps. The new Simdos® 02 dosing pump was designed to handle hazardous acids, bases and organic solvents in the laboratory environment. During prototype testing, KNF engineers discovered leaking caused by fittings not staying tight inside the smooth PTFE valve ports. Vibrations from the pump aggravated this problem, causing fittings to unscrew from (or back themselves out of) the ports under normal operation. With the Simdos 02 pump’s intended use to handle aggressive and caustic chemicals, fluid containment was critical.

Changing the pump material from PTFE was not an option, as PTFE was required for its inert qualities when exposed to solvents and acids. KNF also found that flares on the tubing assemblies were not fitting tightly into the ports, disrupting the fluid path and contributing to the leaking.

To find an alternative connection and address these problems, KNF turned to Diba Industries. After analyzing the problem, Diba suggested glass-filled polypropylene fittings, which bite into the threads on smooth ports made of PTFE. Diba provided a complete tubing assembly with its flared tubing and glass-filled polypropylene fittings to ensure a leak-free connection.

Since adopting Diba’s tubing assemblies, KNF has been able to successfully launch the Simdos 02 with no reported leaks in the first two years.

“Simdos® 02 has been a very successful product,” said KNF Marketing Manager, Jean Delteil. “We spent a long time studying the market, so it has lots of good features, but if it didn’t have the right tubing and fittings it would not have been so successful.”

KNF-Flodos is the world-leading supplier of diaphragm liquid pumps, designing and manufacturing high-quality and innovative products. The company specializes in producing custom pumps for OEMs and also support a range of standard laboratory pumps. KNF has four production sites globally and a liquid pump product design center in Sursee, Switzerland.

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Diba’s DP3® Probe Polishing Reduces Carryover by up to 75 Percent

Highly polished probes can save cycle time and ensure consistent fluid handling

Danbury, Conn. (January 19, 2017) – The DP3® polishing process from Diba Industries, Inc. improves the performance of stainless steel and other metallic probes used for IVD and diagnostic instruments. Diba’s proprietary process creates an extremely smooth and durable internal surface that reduces carry-over by up to 75 percent.


DP3 polishing can greatly improve surface finish on the internal diameter (ID) of a probe. This reduces microscopic pits where process fluids may collect, minimizing the possibility of cross contamination. The surface improvement may also positively impact wash characteristics, thereby reducing cycle time and wash fluid costs. Unlike similar processes, which apply a coating that can flake off over time, DP3 treatment results in an ID surface finish that is highly durable. The DP3 process is available on probes with inside diameters down to 0.016” in flush or angle-cut tip designs.

When coupled with Diba’s proprietary probe draw down process to reduce tip ID while maintaining a smooth inner surface, DP3 enables precise dispense and aspirate functions for the most demanding new more sensitive diagnostic reagents. Diba application engineers work closely with OEM instrument designers to customize probe manufacturing capabilities according to the needs of each instrument and application.

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Type S Ferrule for 10-32 Conical Ports from Diba Industries is Ideal for HPLC Applications

Click-N-Seal® fitting ensures leak-free and secure seal rated up to 2,500 psi

Danbury, Conn. (October 13, 2016) – The Type S ferrule for 10-32 conical ports with a Click-N-Seal® fitting from Diba Industries, Inc. is pressure rated up to 2,500 psi, making it ideal for many liquid chromatography applications. The connection system provides a secure, tool-free way to connect 1/16” OD PEEK tubing into a 10-32 HPLC-type conical port.

The Type S Ferrule for 10-32 Conical Ports with Click-N-Seal® fitting from Diba Industries, Inc. has a pressure rating up to 2,500 psi, making it ideal for liquid chromatography applications.

The Type S Ferrule for 10-32 Conical Ports with Click-N-Seal® fitting from Diba Industries, Inc. has a pressure rating up to 2,500 psi, making it ideal for liquid chromatography applications.

The system uses Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal torque limiting fitting, which eliminates guesswork and is suitable for smaller, precision fluid connections such as those found on HPLC instruments. Its design ensures a proper finger-tight connection without the possibility of under- or over-tightening, achieving the correct torque every time.

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Diba Industries, Inc. 6-40 Click-N-Seal® Micro Fitting for Microfluidics Applications

Easily create secure and leak-free connections every time

Danbury, Conn. (September 14, 2016) – The Click-N-Seal® Micro torque-control fitting from Diba Industries, Inc. is available in 6-40 threaded fittings and adds significant value to systems requiring smaller fluid connections. Available for both ferrule and flared connections, the 6-40 Click-N-Seal Micro easily and securely connects 1/16” tubing into 6-40 threaded ports, which are becoming increasingly common as sample sizes get smaller.


Create leak-free connections every time with Diba’s 6-40 Click-N-Seal® Micro.

As the fitting is hand tightened, the resistance of the cap increases until the correct torque is reached, at which point the cap clicks, indicating that the fitting is properly seated. This creates a secure and leak-free seal every time without the risk of over-tightening. Click-N-Seal Micro fittings feature PEEK™ construction for high chemical resistance and can be unscrewed and reused multiple times.

“Prior to Diba inventing and patenting the Click-N-Seal line of fittings, making precision fluid connections reliable and repeatable had been problematic. The 6-40 Click-N-Seal Micro helps system manufacturers with reliability and performance,” said Gary Helstern, Vice President, Technology and Product Development at Diba.

Ferrule options are available for both conical and flat bottom ports as off-the-shelf products. Flared tube and fittings are also offered for flat bottomed ports on a custom, OEM basis. A custom wrench is available to tighten the fitting in hard to reach places.

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Diba Industries, Inc., BioChem Fluidics and Accudynamics to Unveil Joint Exhibit at AACC

Danbury, Conn. (July 29, 2016) – For the first time, Diba Industries, Inc. will display its custom fluidics design capabilities and product offerings alongside sister companies BioChem Fluidics and Accudynamics at the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo. The companies, all part of the Halma Medical sector, will exhibit their products in a new 20-by-20 foot island space, booth 101, from August 2-4 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (Philadelphia, Pa.).

Halma Companies’ Joint Exhibit at 2016 AACC Expo Features Technologies to Improve Instrument Performance

Halma Companies’ Joint Exhibit at 2016 AACC Expo Features Technologies to Improve Instrument Performance

Booth visitors can learn more about Diba’s custom products and capabilities designed for demanding micro-fluidic applications. Display samples include precision probes with level sensing and fluid heating capabilities and specialty surface finishes including Diba’s exclusive DP3® polishing process. Also on display will be precision bonded and machined manifolds in acrylic or Ultem® — made by VAS Integrated, now part of Diba. Additionally, visitors can get free samples of Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal® fittings– the only multi-use, finger-tight fittings that cannot be over- or under-tightened.

Diba Industries, Inc., BioChem Fluidics and Accudynamics offer complementary fluidics components designed to improve instrument performance. BioChem Fluidics designs and manufactures high performance pumps and valves for the leading instrumentation OEMs in the global clinical diagnostics, analytical chemistry, water quality and medical device markets. Accudynamics is a key partner for medical, scientific and industrial OEMs worldwide, providing precision metal manufacturing services that include machining, casting, assembly and design.

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Diba Industries Ltd. Receives Gold in Occupational Health and Safety Awards

Danbury, Conn. (July 21, 2016) – Diba Industries Ltd. received a gold award in the 60th annual Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) program. The award was presented to Diba based on its demonstrated commitment to accident and illness prevention at its Cambridge, UK manufacturing facility. The Diba Cambridge facility is also certified to OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety, ISO 14001 for environmental management standards, ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 13485 for medical device quality management systems.


Through the UK-based program, which is open to businesses and organizations of all types and sizes from around the world, judges consider entrants’ occupational health and safety management systems and track records, including practices such as leadership commitment and workforce involvement.

“Winning our third consecutive gold at the RoSPA Awards is a great achievement for Diba,” said Diba Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager, Simon Charge. “We strive to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, and this award is a nod that we have once again met that goal.”

The awards mark achievement at merit, bronze, silver and gold levels. Gold medals are presented to organizations sustaining high standards of safety over consecutive years.

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Diba Industries, Inc. Celebrates 30 Years of Precision Fluidics

Danbury, Conn. (July 13, 2016) – Diba Industries, Inc. is celebrating 30 years of providing fluidics systems and components for the diagnostic, life sciences and medical device industries.

Diba Celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Diba Celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Founded in 1986 in Mahopac, N.Y., the company started out producing inert fluid transfer assemblies, and specialty components for the diagnostics market. By 1994, steady growth necessitated a move to a larger location in Danbury, Conn. In 2004, Diba Industries, Inc. was acquired by Halma plc, a British technology company dedicated to protecting life and improving the quality of life. Since then, the company has continually expanded its product offerings, including the family of Click-N-Seal® torque limiting fittings and Diba’s exclusive DP3® polishing process for custom precision probes used for the most demanding micro-fluidic applications. Diba Industries, Inc. has grown to have a global presence with the acquisition of the Omnifit® Labware products (Cambridge, UK) in 2009, and the development of Halma Fluid Technology Shanghai (Shanghai, China). Most recently, Diba expanded its offerings portfolio with the 2015 acquisition of VAS Integrated LLC (Berlin, Conn.) which makes custom manifolds and integrated assemblies.

“We’re very proud of the company we’ve built,” said Joseph Plante, President of Diba Industries, Inc. “Our 30 years in business speaks to Diba’s dedication to quality, innovation, on-time delivery and overall customer satisfaction. At Diba, we work hard to earn the trust of our customers. We work even harder to keep that trust.”

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Diba Industries, Inc. Precision Probes Improve Reliability for Trinity Biotech

Custom polished probe reduces coring by more than 50 percent

Danbury, Conn. (June 14, 2016) – Diba Industries, Inc. delivered precision probes to help Trinity Biotech reduce service calls and instrument downtime, improving reliability of its HPLC instrument.

Diba's precision probes helped Trinity Biotech improve reliability

Diba’s precision probes helped Trinity Biotech improve reliability

The Premier Hb9210™ is Trinity Biotech’s flagship HbA1c HPLC instrument for measuring glycated hemoglobin to help patients control diabetes mellitus. The instrument has more than 1,300 installations globally. To stay ahead of market demands, Trinity Biotech continually refines the Premier Hb9210 platform. During one review, company engineers identified a potential problem with the piercing probe at the point of sample aspiration. Though the probe functioned as required, coring occurred as it pierced the caps of sample test tubes, leaving tiny bits of rubber waste inside the instrument. Engineers determined these bits of rubber could lead to blockages in the machine and possible unscheduled field service calls.

Trinity Biotech turned to Diba to investigate possible improvements in probe manufacturing. Without changing the basic design, Diba was able to produce probes with a smoother finish on the side-hole port. Trinity Biotech tested the new probe and found it reduced coring by more than 50 percent. When deployed, the new probes will increase reliability to help the Premier Hb9210 meet the growing demands of hospital laboratories.

“This is our strength, working closely with customers to solve difficult fluid handling challenges that improve performance and reliability,” said Gary Helstern, Diba VP, Technology and Development.


New and Improved Omnifit® EZ Glass Chromatography Columns from Diba Industries, Inc.

Redesign of conventional Omnifit columns includes improvements based on lab technician survey
Danbury, Conn. (May 24, 2016) – The new Omnifit® EZ glass chromatography columns from Diba Industries, Inc. provide enhanced performance for low- to mid-pressure liquid chromatography or flow chemistry applications. With improvements based on surveys with thousands of lab technicians, the columns are redesigned from conventional Omnifit columns for easier use and more versatility.

Diba EZ Chromatography Columns

Omnifit® EZ Glass Chromatography Columns from Diba redesigned for easier assembly.

EZ columns’ redesigned end pieces allow easier assembly, and improved ergonomics simplify height adjustment of the threaded adjustable plungers. PEEK™ column tube threads won’t chip or break, and upgraded anti-roll features prevent accidental breakage. Omnifit EZ columns are available in new sizes, including 5mm ID in a range of lengths, and 33cm lengths for all ID sizes. The fittings kit was enhanced to include Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal® fitting for 10-32 conical port connections to ensure the correct torque is always applied.

EZ columns maintain many of the same popular features of conventional Omnifit chromatography columns. Precision borosilicate glass provides inertness, visibility and performance. Fixed or adjustable PTFE end pieces include dual o-rings for a secure seal. Superior frit placement ensures bed support and even distribution of sample flow.

EZ columns are manufactured by Diba Industries, Inc. and distributed globally through Kinesis Inc. (http://kinesis-usa.com/ and http://kinesis.co.uk/).


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