Crowcon’s new Gas-Tec Gas Detector Allows Methane leaks from Landfills to be Quickly Identified and Localised

Crowcon’s new Gas-Tec portable gas detector is designed to rapidly identify and localise methane leaks from landfill sites and waste processing facilities. Using Crowcon’s tried and tested flame ionisation chamber, the Gas-Tec also features next generation technology such as GPS, data and event logging. The new device allows survey teams to track progress and quickly pinpoint and record areas of significant interest.


Methane poses a severe explosion risk, is damaging to surrounding plant life and is also a greenhouse gas. It is generated during the working life of a landfill site and for as long as 30-40 years after a site has been covered over. The UK Landfill Regulations (England and Wales) 2002 stipulate that all landfill site operators carry out effective monitoring of this and other gases for a set period after closing, as stipulated by the Environment Agency.

Storing survey reports and service and calibration records are also a more frequent requirement, influenced by health and safety regulations. Finally, with many operating companies being forced to reduce personnel, there is an increased demand for products that require minimal training and set-up times to use.

Crowcon developed the Gas-Tec specifically to address these issues, including features to help companies identify methane leaks quickly and efficiently, with minimal manpower. GPS position logging, for example, enhances record keeping by assigning latitude, longitude and distance above sea level to data readings. Users can also view their current location, offering the precise location to back-up crews for immediate leak management. Another useful feature is data and event logging, allowing users to download full survey information for survey traceability using ‘drag and drop’ via a USB interface.

Weighing just 2.4kg (without the gas bottle), the Gas-Tec is worn across the body and is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably whilst in use. Simple and intuitive to operate, its liquid crystal display and soft keys offer full sequence instructions, in-operation options, service and calibration set-up and alerts. Menu prompts guide users through start-up and shut-down procedures, reducing training requirements. The device can also be customised, with users able to set preferences for features such as preferred units, display settings, date format and language.

Enhanced electronic controls increase battery and cylinder life, while pressure and flow transducers manage hydrogen and sample flow rates. A service and calibration timer also reminds operators when maintenance is required, ensuring the unit is always operable and in optimum working condition. The Gas-Tec also includes an optional ‘service lock’ facility, ensuring it cannot be used in the field whilst out of calibration.

Based around Crowcon’s original tried and tested Gas-Tec ‘engine’ detection method, this next generation model is already proven, fit for purpose and suited to the rigours of everyday use in the field. With a response time of less than two seconds, the Gas-Tec is calibrated to methane, with conversion factors for other common hydrocarbons available. It has a detection range of 0 – 10,000 ppm and is accurate to within +/-10%. Battery life is over 22 hours, allowing continual use for a full shift. Battery recharge time is only 2 ½ hours.

Supplied in a wheeled ABS impact resistant case with a fitted foam insert, it is ingress protected to IP54 and can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. Accessories include a trigger survey kit and an in-vehicle survey tool allowing detection at speeds of up to 30km/hour. Probe assemblies are also available for all types of applications, including borehole, straight probe, cup attachment and detection trolley. Other useful accessories are available, such as vehicle chargers, earphones, spare hydrogen cylinders and a hydrogen filling panel.

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