Drive-away prevention system protects workers at UK bakery
Erlanger, Kentucky (March 13, 2008) – Pork Farms, one of the UK’s leading bakeries, has eliminated the risk of unscheduled truck departures with an investment in Castell’s Salvo safety system, protecting its workers from injury and its property from damage.  The systems have been installed on all four loading docks at Pork Farm’s Palethorpes site in Shropshire, which handles hundreds of vehicles a month.

Pork Farms 

The Salvo is a simple way to promote loading dock safety by preventing trucks from mistakenly pulling away during trailer loading and unloading.  At Pork Farms, drivers pull into a loading dock and retrieve a lock from the office.  The driver applies the lock to the trailer’s emergency brake line-effectively immobilizing the trailer- which releases a uniquely coded key.  Drivers then insert the key into the control box next to the dock.  This turns the traffic lights from green to red, allowing the motorized door to be raised and the dock leveller positioned.  The key remains trapped in the control box until the door is fully closed.

When loading / unloading has finished, the door is closed, and the key is released from the control box.  The driver is then able to remove the lock from the trailer’s emergency brake line and depart.

“Salvo is easy to control and cost-effective,” commented Dave Bradley, Logistics Support Manager, about Pork Farm’s decision to adopt the interlocking system.  “We did look at wheel-locking devices but felt that Salvo was simpler and more manageable within our site processes.”  Additionally, interlocking systems have been endorsed as a safe system of work to combat unscheduled truck departure.

The Salvo system is available from Castell USA, with short lead times from its Erlanger, Ky. offices.  For information on the company’s full range of products, go to, or call 859-341-3075. 

Since the inception of the industrial safety industry, Castell, a member of the global Halma group, has been a leader in trapped key interlocking technology, developing products that keep pace with the needs of emerging markets and applications in all business sectors.  Their products go beyond meeting legislation to create the safest working environments possible. 

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