New system creates flexible safety zone around dangerous process equipment

Erlanger, Kentucky (August 13, 2008) – Traditional mechanical and barrier methods to machine guarding are only as safe as the people using them. With Castell’s new QuadCam system, sophisticated 3-dimensional imaging technology eliminates the potential for human error and tampering.


QuadCam’s 3D detection technology is able to identify objects and people moving in and around machinery, distinguishing between one, two or more persons with real-time tracking of all people within its field of view. Machinery can not be restarted until the entire detection zone is clear of unauthorized objects and people. The highly accurate detection system ignores background objects, avoiding nuisance alarms.

The flexible system allows users to define warning and shutdown zones. When the warning zone is breached, QuadCam quickly provides visual and audible warnings to workers, and can also provide a signal to slow machinery. If the person or object continues and enters the shutdown zone, the system sends a signal to halt the machinery. Warning and shutdown signals are sent within milliseconds of an intrusion, a fast response time that prevents accidents and equipment damage.

A single QuadCam imager is capable of protecting up to an eight foot by ten foot zone, when the imager is mounted at 11 feet. Up to ten imagers, creating ten protection zones, can be managed by a single QuadCam controller, monitoring up to 800 square feet.

The entire QuadCam system is designed for user flexibility. During initial installation, plug and go harnesses enable simple imager installation, wiring, and even relocation of imagers when necessary. Reconfiguring the system is simple via a windows based PC interface, and warning and shutdown zones can be quickly redrawn with the click and drag of a mouse.

Mounted high above the machinery, the imagers can view multiple potentially dangerous areas of human and machine interaction and are tamper-resistant. When maintenance is needed, the QuadCam provides fast machine access to minimize process downtime.

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