Drive-away prevention system in place at Maryland distribution facility
Erlanger, Kentucky (June 18, 2007) – When a truck pulled away prematurely from his plant, causing a dock plate to fall, warehouse Distribution Superintendent Chris Gagliardi was convinced of the need to physically restrain trucks during loading and unloading.  The incident could have caused serious injury to a worker at Millennium Inorganic Chemicals’ Baltimore, Maryland distribution facility.  Millennium selected Castell’s Salvo trailer interlocking safety system to prevent unscheduled truck departures, reducing risk to workers and potential damage to loading docks and equipment.


In choosing a safety solution, Millennium evaluated both traditional bar systems and the Salvo system. Salvo’s error proof design and cost-effectiveness were driving factors in its selection.  Eight Salvo Automatic Interlock Systems were installed at the plant.  Each system consists of a Salvo gladhand lock, control panel, automatic door interlock and barrier chain.

Upon arriving at the plant’s loading docks, drivers attach the Salvo gladhand lock to their brake line, securing the device in place and releasing a uniquely coded key.  The lock ensures that brakes are applied and trailer movement has stopped, in compliance with FMSCA’s braking requirement. The driver then turns that key in the exterior control panel, which traps the key, disengages the automatic door interlock and alerts workers inside the plant that it is safe to unbolt the lock, remove the barrier chain and begin loading or unloading.  Until the barrier chain is replaced and the automatic door interlock is bolted, the control panel will not release the key needed to open the Salvo gladhand lock, making it impossible for a driver to depart.

“Since installing the systems over a year ago, we haven’t had a single incident of a truck pulling away.  Our workers have fully embraced the Salvo’s error proof design and the peace of mind it gives them,” said Gagliardi.

“The Salvo system avoids the pitfalls of procedures that rely on drivers to avoid accidents,” Gagliardi continued.  “One of these methods is requiring drivers’ keys while loading and unloading; we still have a set of keys from months ago.  Clearly the driver did not give us the keys to his trailer.  Without the Salvo system, he could have easily made an unscheduled and unsafe departure.”

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