Castell Positions for Growth With Expanded Facilities

Remodel doubles square footage

Castell is preparing for anticipated future growth with a full facility expansion and upgrade.  A two month remodel project has doubled the square footage to create a working environment befitting the company’s aggressive growth goals.

 Castell New Office
Castell has taken over new space in the same location at Kenton Lands Road in Erlanger (shared with fellow Halma group companies Aquionics, Crowcon, Fortress Interlocks, Palintest, and Smith Flow Control), increasing the square footage from 800 to 1600.  In addition to more space, the new facilities have better natural light and a more collaborative feel.  Two walls of windows enclose the previously windowless office space and cubical walls have come down to create a more open workspace.  The new environment was designed to promote creativity, facilitate working together, and create a sense of company pride. 

The company now has a professional looking space in which to work with customers and the room to grow their team.  Being able to keep up with growing demand with added personnel will allow Castell to maintain a consistently high level of customer service.

“I am very confident about the future of Castell,” said Thomas Schluep, President of Castell. “Our strategy is to first operate in markets which are constantly growing due to increased safety demands.  Second, we are diversifying in technology and applications, bringing new high-tech products into our portfolio of traditional lock mechanisms.  And third, our new infrastructure has created a foundation which will enable us to implement this strategy and be one step ahead of the competition in both innovation and technology.”

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