Castell launches new Salvo™ dock safety system for leased warehouses

Latest SML-EI system requires minimal footprint and installation

Castell has launched a cost-effective new version of its Salvo™ loading dock safety system, designed specifically for customers who have leased warehouses.

Castell's new Salvo™ loading dock safety system is designed specifically for leased warehouses

Quick and easy installation is crucial in leased warehouses, due to landlord restrictions and future relocations. All equipment must be able to be easily transferred to other warehouses in the event of a move.

The latest Salvo™ SML-EI system requires minimal footprint and installation while still providing a high level of dock safety. The maintenance-free equipment mounts to either the door or post on the inside of the dock, and comes complete with auxiliary contacts in order to connect with traffic lights or existing power dock levelers. The system can also be configured to allow customers to keep their doors open in the summer and comply with OSHA 1910.23.

Fast, safe access is an important issue in loading docks. Salvo™ prevents the accidental drive-away of a vehicle during loading or unloading by interlocking the trailer’s air brakes with the dock door. The Salvo™ Glad Hand Lock attaches to the truck’s emergency brake line, ensuring brakes are applied. This provides worker safety and ensures compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 and FMCSA 49 CFR 393.41 vehicle loading requirements.

Once the Gland Hand Lock is applied, a uniquely coded key is released. The key is then used to open the dock door to begin loading or unloading the trailer. Only after work is completed and the door closed is the key needed to unlock the Salvo™ Glad Hand Brake Lock released, making it impossible for the driver to depart prematurely. Unlike many alternative systems, Salvo™ eliminates human error and provides dock workers with complete control over their environment.

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