Castell Introduces New Key Exchange Unit

Fully welded design reduces potential dirt and food traps
Chicago, Illinois (April 5, 2011) – Key exchange units from industrial safety specialist Castell form part of an integrated safety system linking machine control and access interlocks. Its new X-type key exchange unit has an extremely robust design for reliable use in a wide variety of environments.

Castell’s new X-type key exchange unit reduces potential dirt and food traps.

Castell’s new X-type key exchange unit reduces potential dirt and food traps.

The key exchange is configured to trap and release keys in a pre-determined sequence, depending on the operating requirements of the safety interlocking system. The X box can have multiple keys entering and/or withdrawing. It can be supplied in numerous key configurations: one key to release three or six keys to release four, or any combination to suit the operating sequence of the machine.

Both ergonomic and durable, the unit’s enclosure is fully welded for increased rigidity. Newly designed locks, relocated to be rear mounted, have no visible fixing holes, reducing opportunities for dirt or food to be trapped and interfere with operation. This makes the unit suitable for environments such as the chemical or food and beverage industries, where dirt and food traps are a major issue.

The new unit is fully compatible with previous FS lock types and has identical dimensions to Castell’s earlier X-type exchange unit, allowing it to be retrofitted to existing interlocking systems. The unit’s new color matches the standard color for electrical enclosures.

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