Castell Interlocks Top Choice for Hamon Research-Cottrell Customers

Control equipment specialists have installed Castell on dozens of jobs over past two decades
Erlanger, Kentucky (May 20, 2009) – When it comes to choosing safety interlocking devices for its air pollution and thermal control equipment installations, Hamon Research-Cottrell trusts Castell Interlocks to deliver to deliver the quality, reliability and service required.  As one of Hamon’s carefully selected preferred suppliers, Castell interlocks have protected operators on Hamon’s equipment from extreme temperatures, high voltage and fall hazards for over twenty years. 


Hamon’s state of the art technology for electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, dry desulfurization and wet gas scrubbing systems, like all equipment of its kind, require strict adherence to safety and maintenance procedures to safeguard personnel and equipment from human error.  Hamon selects Castell’s trapped key interlocks to force workers to adhere to a step-by-step process every time internal access to equipment is needed.  Each step releases a key which in turn permits activation of the next stage in the access process.  This system prevents access to live precipitators and other machinery that may be hazardous if accessed during operation.

“Castell is known industry-wide as a quality organization that designs and manufactures a superior product,” explained Hamon Project Manager Glenn Ostfeld.  “For this reason, Castell products are often specified by Hamon, who insist on only the best from its quality approved suppliers.”

Castell has earned its reputation by producing durable products that perform well in challenging locations.  Typical light duty locking devices, such as pin tumblers, are prone to plugging and performing poorly in “dirty” environments, such as precipitators with high amounts of fly-ash.  Castell’s lock mechanism avoids this problem with a sealing key and cap to keep out dust and debris.  This design, coupled with Castell’s robust, large handled key, guards against failures.  The key is capable of transmitting much more torque to the lock than a standard pin tumbler key for ease of operation and longevity of the interlocks.

In addition to producing products that meet Hamon’s requirements for reliable, tamper-proof safety systems, Castell has also delivered outstanding service over the course of their long standing relationship. 

“For example, on a recent project, the supply of key interlocks became a part of the project critical path.  Castell understood the importance of agreed deadlines and took immediate action to ensure on time delivery to the job site, which meant that Castell has certainly proved itself capable of meeting the high standards we demand and value,” said Ostfeld.

About Castell
Since the inception of the industrial safety industry, Castell ( has been a leader in trapped key interlocking technology, developing products that keep pace with the needs of emerging markets and applications in all business sectors.  Its products go beyond meeting legislation to create the safest working environments possible.  A Halma company, Castell has its US offices in Erlanger, Kentucky. 

About Hamon Research-Cottrell
With over 100 years experience in the air pollution control field, Hamon Research-Cottrell ( provides innovative state of the art air pollution and thermal control equipment to a wide array of industries.  The company is a worldwide market leading supplier of: dry and wet electrostatic precipitators; fabric filters; dry flue gas desulfurization systems; wet gas scrubbers; DeNOx, and urea to ammonia on-site generation equipment.  Hamon provides tailor made pollution control technologies to meet ever more stringent regulations, earning renown for the quality of its design, engineering, installation and after sales support.

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