Castell Interlocks Safeguard Nuclear Power Plant

Trapped key interlocks prevent unauthorized access to hazardous areas
Erlanger, Kentucky (March 4, 2009) – Trapped key interlocks from Castell were chosen by China’s Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant to safeguard two new areas of the plant during a recent expansion project. 

Castell Safety Interlocks at China's Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

Castell Safety Interlocks at China's Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

Built in 1984, the Qinshan plant was China’s first domestically designed and constructed nuclear power plant.  Expansion of the plant began in 2006, and the second phase is expected to be complete in 2011.  When the project is finished, the total generating capacity of the plant will reach 2.6 million KW with an annual output of 18-20 billion KW/H.

When dealing with energy levels of this magnitude, safety is a top priority.  Castell supplied trapped key interlocking systems for the Number 3 and Number 4 units in the second phase of the project.  The interlocks were fit to the middle voltage switchboard and to the transformer system to create a reliable busbar and transformer interlocking safety system.

Castell’s trapped key interlocks force workers to adhere to a step-by-step safety process each time access to dangerous equipment is needed.  Each step releases a key which in turn permits activation of the next stage in the process.  This system ensures that contact with live transformers is impossible.

Castell’s trapped key interlocking systems are used globally in coal-fired power plants as a safeguard for lockout tagout procedures on and around electrostatic precipitators.

The durable Castell lock mechanism with sealing key and cap resists clogging for consistent performance.  Its robust, large handled key guards against failures.  The key is capable of transmitting much more torque to the lock than a standard pin tumbler key for ease of operation and durability.

The company’s new end-coding system facilitates faster, more accurate delivery of interlocks.  When an order is placed, locks can be quickly keyed with the customer requested three-digit alphanumeric code for fast order turnaround.

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