Durable trapped key interlocks ensure precipitators are powered down prior to access.

Erlanger, Kentucky (May 4, 2007) – Maintenance on electrostatic precipitators can be dangerous if equipment is not first powered down.  Castell’s range of heavy-duty interlocks guarantees the safety of workers operating electrostatic precipitators by preventing access to live equipment.

 heavy-duty interlocks

The electrodes and collection plates in precipitators require maintenance to perform at optimum levels. With electrodes carrying a charge of over 10,000 volts, stringent safety procedures are vital if operator access prior to isolation of the LV/HV transformer is to be prevented.

Castell’s trapped key interlocks force workers to adhere to a step-by-step process every time internal access to a precipitator is needed. Each step releases a key which in turn permits activation of the next stage in the process. This system ensures that access to live precipitators is impossible.

Typical light duty locking devices, such as pin tumblers, are prone to plugging and performing poorly in the high fly-ash environment within precipitators.  Castell’s durable lock mechanism avoids this problem with a sealing key and cap to keep out dirt or dust.  This design, coupled with Castell’s robust, large handled key, guards against failures.  The key is capable of transmitting much more torque to the lock than a standard pin tumbler key for ease of operation.

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