MillerEdge completes loading dock portfolio with Castell’s Salvo drive-away prevention
Erlanger, Kentucky (July 11, 2008) – To increase customer support across North America, Castell has formed a new OEM partnership with MillerEdge to carry the company’s Salvo dock safety system. 


MillerEdge has 70 years manufacturing experience in commercial and industrial emergency stopping devices for motor driven doors and gates, as well as safeguarding products for perimeter, area, and machine guarding.  The company’s unique understanding of industrial door and dock safety challenges, coupled with its engineering capabilities, will bring experienced local contacts to Castell’s Salvo customers. 

MillerEdge will provide complete sales and service support for the Salvo product, which prevents injury and damage to loading platforms by making it impossible for trucks to drive away during loading or unloading.  Once the Salvo’s Glad Hand lock is attached to the truck’s brake line, ensuring that brakes are applied and trailer movement has stopped, a uniquely coded key is released.  The key is then used in either the automatic or manual door lock, which traps the key, and allows workers inside the plant to unbolt the lock and begin loading or unloading the trailer.  When work on the trailer is complete, the door interlock is bolted and the key needed to open the Salvo Glad Hand brake lock is released, making it possible for the driver to depart.

From its facilities in Jennersville, Pa. and Tempe, Az., MillerEdge’s engineering staff will provide on-site assessments and design engineering assistance to Salvo customers in the United States and Canada.  To contact MillerEdge, visit the company’s website, or phone (800) 220-3343.

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