3D imaging safety joins traditional interlock range to safeguard paper processing equipment
Erlanger, Kentucky (May 20, 2008) – Castell will be debuting a new safety system during the Pulp and Paper Safety Association (PPSA) Conference, June 8 – 10, 2008 at the Sheraton Society Hill (Philadelphia, Pa.).  Castell’s new QuadCam uses 3-dimensional imaging technology to provide fast, accurate machine safety for pulp and paper mills, black liquor systems and other processing equipment.

PPSA 2008 

QuadCam’s 3-dimensional detection technology is able to identify objects and people moving in and around machinery, sending warning and shutdown signals within milliseconds of an intrusion.  The flexible system is configured via PC user interface, allowing users to define warning and shutdown zones, and reconfigure them when processes change.  A single QuadCam imager is capable of protecting up to an eight foot by ten foot zone, regardless of shape.  Mounted high above the machinery, the imagers are tamper-resistant. By eliminating the obstruction of traditional mechanical access and barrier safety methods, the QuadCam provides fast machine access when needed.

For safety on mill loading docks, Castell’s Salvo system prevents unscheduled truck departures.  The brake line interlocking system makes it impossible for a driver to depart during loading or unloading, reducing the possibility of worker injury and property damage. A new product design, on display at the show, and a complete kit purchase option have increased the ease of installation and shortened order lead times.

Also on display at the show will be Castell’s trapped key interlocks, which enforce safety with a step-by-step process every time internal access to machinery is needed.  In black liquor systems, trapped key interlocks can be used to physically lock ports after liquor guns are removed.  To satisfy the OSHA 1910.147 compliance issues, Castell’s Iso-lok lockout/tagout products can secure circuit breakers, valves, live electrical installations and other hazardous equipment. 

Visit Castell’s exhibit at the PPSA show for live demonstrations of the new QuadCam and other lock systems. 

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