Castell supplies safety interlocks to Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant

FS interlocks and key exchange boxes provided for Phase II project

Castell is to supply interlocking systems to the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II project under construction in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, China. Tianwan is the nuclear power plant with the highest unit capacity in China. To date, it is the largest joint technical and economic project undertaken by China and Russia.

Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II project in Lianyungang, China, uses Castell safety interlocking products to ensure the safety of maintenance staff

Castell will provide multiple sets of mini FS industrial safety interlocks and key exchange boxes for the China National Nuclear Corporation construction project. These devices prevent the busbar earthing switch from connecting during maintenance on high-voltage switchgear, thereby guaranteeing the safety of maintenance staff.

Since 2010, Castell has provided customised safety interlocking devices for six successive nuclear power projects in China. Project supporter ABB China recommended Castell to the China National Nuclear Corporation as part of this latest Power Plant Phase II project.

Christy Zhang, Castell senior sales manager for the China region, said: “Once again, Castell has retained the trust of its Chinese nuclear power industry clients. The company continues to establish its products’ leading edge within the high-end field of nuclear power.”

The unit capacity for the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant’s Units 3 and 4, which are currently under Phase II construction, will be one million kilowatts. Units 3 and 4 are expected to be put into commercial operation in February and December 2018 respectively.

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