Safety interlocking guide improves efficiency in waste and recycling industries

Castell’s new brochure informed by 90 years’ experience of high-risk sector

Castell has produced a new interlocking guide for the waste and recycling sector. The guide suggests ways in which customers in those industries can safely interlock their particular application, ensuring that personnel are protected while operations remain efficient.


The application guide can be downloaded from:

In the waste and recycling industries, safety interlocks are typically used to safeguard sorters, shredders, compactors and bailers. Following growth in waste-to-energy projects, Castell has increasingly been asked to ensure safe access to emission control systems, protecting personnel from high-voltage equipment.

Between 2004/5 and 2011/12, 97 workers were fatally injured in waste and recycling activities, making it one of Britain’s deadliest industries.

Through robust mechanical design, Castell’s products are guaranteed to perform over extended periods of time, particularly in harsh conditions and aggressive environments.

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