Safety gets the personal touch

From padlocks and multiclasps to danger boards, industrial safety specialist Castell Iso-Lok offers customers a personalised service with its detailed key differ register and bespoke engraving service.

New Key Differ and Engraving Services from Castell Iso-Lok

Every single padlock body and key is numbered and recorded against a specific customer ‘differ’ record.  This ensures the same numbers will not be used on subsequent orders.  If, for security reasons, the customer does not wish the locking mechanism number to appear on the product, Iso-Lok can still apply the same system.  If keys have been lost and need replacing, Iso-Lok will verify the authority to request a replacement.  The customer can therefore be certain that their safety will not be compromised in any way.

In addition to supplying padlocks to ‘differ,’ Iso-Lok offers customers two further options.  Firstly, padlocks can be ‘keyed alike,’ whereby all padlocks are supplied with the same locking mechanism with one key that will open all locks.  Secondly, a combination of ‘master’ and ‘differ’ can be provided, where each padlock has its own unique locking mechanism and individual key but can be overridden by an additional master key.  One thousand uniquely coded padlocks comprise a suite, to which one master key can be assigned.

Iso-Lok also provides an engraving service whereby padlocks, multi-clasps and danger boards can be engraved with any type of character, code or emblem and infilled with any colour.  Companies may, for example, wish to brand items with their company logo or department name to make identification easier.

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