New Multi-Clasp padlock from Castell Iso-Lok

Industrial safety specialist Castell Iso-Lok has developed a new Multi-Clasp padlock for Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures.  The new lock features a standard fixed-width hasp shape and now sports a highly-visible, safety-colour coded, polyester powder coated finish.

New Multi-Clasp Padlock from Castell Iso-Lock

The new Multi-Clasp has room for six individual padlocks to be attached, allowing multiple workers to lock off the same machine.  The lock will not open until each separate padlock has been removed.  This ensures that the locked-off equipment cannot be reactivated until everyone has completed their work, and safe operation can continue.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out systems work on the principle of individually keyed padlocks and keys which workers can use to lock off machinery or controls.  They cannot then be operated while the worker might be at risk due to their use.  Usually used during machinery maintenance, this simple, reassuringly mechanical method of improving personal safety is as reliably effective as it is straightforward.

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Hydro Polymers protected by Salvo

Castell’s drive-away prevention system Salvo is now protecting warehouse staff at Europe’s largest single-site PVC compounding operation.

Salvo at Hydro-Polymers

Hydro Polymers, part of Norsk Hydro ASA, has installed Salvo on the only loading bay at its Newton Aycliffe site, in County Durham.  The bay handles approximately 30 trailers per day, for both the UK and European markets.

“As soon as I saw Salvo, I thought that it was a little bit of genius,” says Paul Burns, Warehouse Manager at Hydro Polymers.  “It’s simple to use, cost-effective and does exactly what it’s supposed to.”

Prior to contacting Castell, Paul had recognised the need for an additional safety system beyond the wheel chocks and driver-surrendered keys that were already in operation at the site.  He had investigated alternative methods – such as vehicle restraints, hydraulic gates, barriers and traffic lights – but had found them all to be cost-prohibitive.

When drivers have reversed their trailer up to the loading bay, they are given the Salvo Susie lock by the warehouse operative.  Fitting the lock to the trailer’s exposed emergency air line coupling immobilises the trailer and releases a uniquely-coded key, which the operative then inserts into a control box located inside the warehouse.  Turning the key powers up the bay, enabling the door to be raised and loading or unloading to begin.  The key remains trapped in the control box until the door is fully closed once more.

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Two Warburtons sites protected by Salvo

Warburtons, the UK’s largest family-owned bakery, is the latest food industry member to adopt Castell’s Salvo.  The innovative drive-away prevention system has been installed at Warburtons’ Burnley and Blackpool sites, safeguarding a total of eight loading bays.

Salvo at Warburtons

“It’s an easy-to-use, foolproof product,” comments Andrew Evans, Services and Project Engineer at Burnley, “and its operational flexibility was also attractive.”

Warburtons’ Burnley site produces more than one million bread products, and witnesses 150 pick-ups or deliveries, per week.  The site previously relied on a system of traffic lights and drivers surrendering their keys to office personnel, but these elements have now been supplemented by Salvo, to widespread approval.

“The feedback has been very positive,” confirms Andrew.  “It wasn’t a big deal to implement and the warehouse staff realise that it’s made their job safer.”

Having parked their trailer on the relevant bay and handed over their keys, drivers collect a Salvo Susie lock and remove their emergency brake line.  Fitting the lock to the exposed brake line coupling releases a uniquely-coded key, which is then taken inside the building and inserted into a control box located next to the door controls.  The bay door and dock plate are now powered up, the traffic lights switch to red as the door opens and loading can begin.  The key remains trapped in the control box until the door is fully closed.

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UPM Shotton chooses Salvo

UPM Shotton, the UK’s largest manufacturer of recycled newsprint, has chosen to protect warehouse staff at its Flintshire site with Salvo, the drive-away prevention system from Castell.

Salvo at UPM Shottom

The company originally considered a vehicle restraint system but was concerned that variations in trailer axle heights might affect the security of dock levellers.  An evaluation of the Salvo system convinced UPM that it met its criteria and the system has now been installed on all four of UPM Shotton’s export loading bays.

“Everyone has accepted Salvo quite readily, from the drivers to the operators to the safety reps”, comments Andrew Holt, UPM Shotton’s Customer Supply Controller.

Having reversed the trailer up to the relevant bay, the driver collects a Salvo lock from the storage box and fits it to the exposed emergency airline coupling.  This action releases a uniquely-coded key from the end of the Salvo unit and ensures that the trailer is immobilised.  The driver can now open the rear door and pass the key to the loader, who positions the dock leveller and inserts the key in the chain barrier access lock.  Turning the key releases the chain and isolates the dock leveller, allowing loading or unloading to begin.

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Iso-Lok and Brady form a winning team

Industrial safety specialist Castell Iso-lok has signed a premier distribution agreement with Brady, making it the only key distributor to focus solely on lock-out/tag-out equipment.

Iso-Lok Signs Agreement With Brady


The agreement means that Castell Iso-lok’s established range of lock-out/tag-out equipment will be extended to include Brady’s products. The two companies will also share new product development resources and combine their market and product expertise to mutually grow their businesses.

Tim Hughes, Castell Iso-lok’s UK Sales Manager, remarked, ‘The agreement with Brady is a big step forward for the company, as it will enable us to increase our presence in the market and subsequently increase sales.’

A brochure detailing the new product range will be in circulation within the next three months, and the company website will be updated to reflect the change.

For more information on all of the company’s products and services, please visit the website at

Pictured above: Tim Hughes (UK Sales Manager) and Tim Whelan (Managing Director) of Castell Safety International Ltd. with representatives of Brady Corporation.

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Salvo the only choice for Birds Eye

Frozen food maker Birds Eye, formerly part of Unilever, has chosen Castell’s Salvo to protect warehouse operatives at its Hull factory from the threat of unscheduled trailer departure.

Salvo at Birds Eye

Having recognised that its existing system of traffic lights and manual powering up of loading bays by drivers failed to physically prevent a driver from leaving a bay prematurely, Birds Eye went straight to Castell for a safer alternative.

“We identified Salvo as a fail-safe system which was effectively one step up from our existing one”, comments Mick Cahill, Birds Eye’s Safety and Environmental Manager, “and the transfer to the new system has gone as smooth as silk.”

Once Salvo had been installed on all ten bays, warehouse staff were pleased to find that operating procedures remained unchanged.  “Salvo’s not made a jot of difference to them”, continues Mick, “except that it’s much safer and now provides a physical block to ‘drive-aways’.  A lot of the drivers had already seen it at other sites, so they took to it quite happily.”

Having reversed their trailer up to the appropriate loading bay, drivers collect a Salvo Susie lock from a storage cabinet next to the bay door and fit it to the emergency airline coupling.  This action releases the uniquely-coded key from the end of the unit, which drivers then insert into an electrical switch located next to the cabinet.  By turning the key drivers power up the bay, change the external traffic lights to red and send the internal lights to green.  Loaders now know that it is safe to begin loading or unloading and depress the button on the internal switch to raise the bay door.

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Iso-Lok introduces new smaller ball valve lockout

The latest addition to Castell Iso-lok’s range of ball valve lockouts has been designed for use with ball valves of up to 1” in diameter, ensuring maintenance shut downs can be implemented to the highest possible standard of personnel safety.

Iso-Lock’s New Ball Valve Lockout

Iso-lok’s new ball valve lockout allows valves to be locked in either an open or closed position.  It can be easily fitted by pulling the two halves apart, lowering it on to a valve and pushing the two halves back together again to encapsulate the valve lever and the main body of the valve.  A removable lever packing piece is included for use with narrower valve levers.

Made from durable moulded plastic and available in four colours, the lockout is also fully dielectric, highly resistant to solvent and other chemical products, and highly resistant to cracking and abrasion.  It is also resistant to extreme temperature changes, from a minimum of -50˚F to a maximum of 360˚F.

Once fitted, the lockout can be held in place with an Iso-lok padlock.  For more information please visit the company’s website at

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Safety gets the personal touch

From padlocks and multiclasps to danger boards, industrial safety specialist Castell Iso-Lok offers customers a personalised service with its detailed key differ register and bespoke engraving service.

New Key Differ and Engraving Services from Castell Iso-Lok

Every single padlock body and key is numbered and recorded against a specific customer ‘differ’ record.  This ensures the same numbers will not be used on subsequent orders.  If, for security reasons, the customer does not wish the locking mechanism number to appear on the product, Iso-Lok can still apply the same system.  If keys have been lost and need replacing, Iso-Lok will verify the authority to request a replacement.  The customer can therefore be certain that their safety will not be compromised in any way.

In addition to supplying padlocks to ‘differ,’ Iso-Lok offers customers two further options.  Firstly, padlocks can be ‘keyed alike,’ whereby all padlocks are supplied with the same locking mechanism with one key that will open all locks.  Secondly, a combination of ‘master’ and ‘differ’ can be provided, where each padlock has its own unique locking mechanism and individual key but can be overridden by an additional master key.  One thousand uniquely coded padlocks comprise a suite, to which one master key can be assigned.

Iso-Lok also provides an engraving service whereby padlocks, multi-clasps and danger boards can be engraved with any type of character, code or emblem and infilled with any colour.  Companies may, for example, wish to brand items with their company logo or department name to make identification easier.

For more information on all of the company’s products and services, please visit the website at

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Wincanton swayed by Salvo’s simplicity

Wincanton, the UK’s second-largest logistics company, has demonstrated its increasing faith in Castell’s Salvo by installing the drive-away prevention system across all 11 loading bays of its West Thurrock site.  This is now the fourth Wincanton distribution centre to be protected by Salvo.

Salvo at Wincanton

“There were three clinching factors behind our decision to go with Salvo”, comments Simon Kirwin, Wincanton’s Health & Safety Manager at West Thurrock.  “First, the simplicity of the system.  Second, its low cost when compared to alternative vehicle-restraint technologies.  And third, the fact that we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from other warehouses that have been using Salvo, be they Wincanton-owned or otherwise.”

John Fry, Operations Manager at West Thurrock, takes up Simon’s point about simplicity: “Salvo was almost tailor-made for our existing operating system, so incorporating it caused very little upheaval.  It might add a few seconds to the procedure, but what’s that against someone’s life?”

Drivers arriving at the site report to the operations office where they swap their paperwork and gate pass for a Salvo lock.  Having reversed their trailer up to the appropriate loading bay, they fit the Salvo to the emergency airline coupling, releasing the uniquely-coded key from the end of the unit.  Returning to the office, they hand in the key, which is then picked up by a warehouse operative and used to open the relevant bay door.  This action changes the external traffic light from green to red, informing drivers that loading or unloading is taking place.

Once loading or unloading is complete, the operative closes the door and removes the key, turning the traffic light back to red and letting drivers know that their trailer is ready to be collected.  Drivers return to the office, are handed the key and use it to remove the Salvo from the airline coupling.  Only by giving the Salvo back to the office can drivers recover their completed paperwork and gate pass.  The latter is compulsory if drivers want to leave site and ensures that Salvo units remain on site.

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