New Multi-Clasp padlock from Castell Iso-Lok

Industrial safety specialist Castell Iso-Lok has developed a new Multi-Clasp padlock for Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures.  The new lock features a standard fixed-width hasp shape and now sports a highly-visible, safety-colour coded, polyester powder coated finish.

New Multi-Clasp Padlock from Castell Iso-Lock

The new Multi-Clasp has room for six individual padlocks to be attached, allowing multiple workers to lock off the same machine.  The lock will not open until each separate padlock has been removed.  This ensures that the locked-off equipment cannot be reactivated until everyone has completed their work, and safe operation can continue.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out systems work on the principle of individually keyed padlocks and keys which workers can use to lock off machinery or controls.  They cannot then be operated while the worker might be at risk due to their use.  Usually used during machinery maintenance, this simple, reassuringly mechanical method of improving personal safety is as reliably effective as it is straightforward.

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