New Iso-Lok Doc Combo board launched

The Doc Combo combines the features of a lockable document holder with those of a safety lockout station and group lockout box. Securely keeping both the permit to work documents and lockout equipment in the same unit, all aspects of lockout safety can now be controlled and monitored from one central location.

Iso-Lok’s New Doc Combo Board

Up to 5 permit to work documents can be safety stored in the strong, clear Perspex cover sleeve, and 10 more in a compartment behind the unit. The strong, lightweight aluminium box behind is designed to securely hold keys, padlocks and Multi-Clasps (up to 15 total).

Once a permit to work has been completed it can be displayed in the cover sleeve. After the necessary padlock(s) for the job have been removed, the sleeve is then locked closed by up to seven supervisor’s padlocks. Once the intended isolation is in place, the padlock keys are dropped into the slot on top of the box. They will be securely held there until the work is complete – the supervisor then opens the Doc Combo again, and the lock-out can be safely removed.

The Doc Combo also comes with a pad of 10 permit to work documents, and can be arranged for left- or right-handed operation. The aluminium box is finished in a durable powder coating, has a tray for the dropped-in keys, and uses removable hooks to hold the padlocks inside.

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