Iso-Lok introduces new smaller ball valve lockout

The latest addition to Castell Iso-lok’s range of ball valve lockouts has been designed for use with ball valves of up to 1” in diameter, ensuring maintenance shut downs can be implemented to the highest possible standard of personnel safety.

Iso-Lock’s New Ball Valve Lockout

Iso-lok’s new ball valve lockout allows valves to be locked in either an open or closed position.  It can be easily fitted by pulling the two halves apart, lowering it on to a valve and pushing the two halves back together again to encapsulate the valve lever and the main body of the valve.  A removable lever packing piece is included for use with narrower valve levers.

Made from durable moulded plastic and available in four colours, the lockout is also fully dielectric, highly resistant to solvent and other chemical products, and highly resistant to cracking and abrasion.  It is also resistant to extreme temperature changes, from a minimum of -50˚F to a maximum of 360˚F.

Once fitted, the lockout can be held in place with an Iso-lok padlock.  For more information please visit the company’s website at

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