Five ways trapped key interlocks can protect people in the waste industry

Safety in the waste and recycling industry is a key focus of the HSE.

The recent Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum blueprint (PDF), produced with the HSE, highlights the sector’s potential dangers and sets out a road map to reduce risk and improve safety knowledge in the industry.

Here are five reasons why trapped key interlocks can improve safety in the waste and recycling sector:

1.    They’re foolproof and ensure equipment can only be used in a safe way.

2.    They’re mainly mechanical and easy to install and retrofit.

3.    They’re hard-wearing and can withstand harsh environments.

4.    They can be installed on the full range of equipment found at a waste and recycling site.

5.    It’s not always easy to spot when someone is in a dangerous area before a machine starts. ‘Personnel keys’ remove this risk: a machine can’t be started until the keys are returned by operatives from the hazardous area.

By: David Hughes, Sales Director, Castell Safety International Ltd.

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