Channel partner forum will facilitate knowledge sharing

Castell Safety International’s channel partners, which include distributors and agents across Europe, will be joining Castell on the 30th November and 1st December for the first European Channel Partner Forum, which will be held in London, England. The purpose of the forum is to share knowledge between participants on applications and industry trends and examine how to build on the significant success Castell has had in European markets.

The forum will also allow Castell to formally introduce to its channel partners four recently launched new products: the Salus access lock, the Salus20 isolation switch, the new key exchange box and the KSD+ switch disconnector. The latter will be launched exclusively through Castell’s channel partners.

The forum’s first day will take place at Castell Safety International headquarters in Kingsbury, north-west London, while the following day’s programme will be held a few miles away at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood.

Symon Winch, Castell’s European distribution manager, is looking forward to the event: “This is a great opportunity to get all of our distributors together and share knowledge and ideas. I am very excited about introducing Castell’s four new products to the network. I am sure these products are going to have a very big impact in our European markets.”

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