New catalogue facilitates customer product understanding and selection

Castell has launched a 72-page product catalogue for its main product range of trapped key interlocks, which are typically used with machine guarding and in the switchgear industry. The catalogue is designed to facilitate product, and system, understanding and selection.


There are three factors to consider when designing a trapped key interlocking system: the power source being isolated, the number of access points there are and the type of access required. The layout of the catalogue reflects this selection process, enabling customers to choose the right safety system or products according to their specific requirements.

An application example is provided for each product to clarify the product’s functions and uses. The catalogue also features new products, a map showing worldwide Castell installations, a product overview and a glossary of trapped key interlocking terminology.

Castell’s product range has been developed over 90 years to provide industry with interlocks of high quality and integrity. All products are now well documented via both the recently updated data sheets and the new catalogue.

David Hughes, Castell’s global sales director, commented: ‘Following the release of the product data sheets, the publication of the new catalogue is the next step in ensuring that our customers can easily select the features and benefits of Castell products. The development of the catalogue was informed by customers’ experience of selecting and understanding product specifications and applications. I believe the new catalogue will make it much easier to use Castell products correctly.”

The catalogue is available to download on the Castell website at Printed copies will be distributed to customers and can also be requested from the website.

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Castell improves delivery times and safety rating with new UPS systems interlock

Multi-voltage and solenoid-controlled KSUPS+ safeguards uninterruptible power supply systems

Castell, currently celebrating its 90th birthday, has launched a new multi-voltage interlock primarily for use with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. The KSUPS+ is a solenoid-controlled trapped key interlock that only permits access to a UPS system once the system has been put into a safe condition.


The KSUPS+ features a number of innovative design improvements, including multi-voltage input. Having a wide voltage input range means that a single device now replaces eight previous devices; the input voltage for the KSUPS+ ranges from 24 V AC or DC to 220 V AC or DC.

As a safety device, the integrity of the KSUPS+ is vital. A monitored solenoid increases the safety performance rating of the KSUPS+, ensuring a higher level of protection for personnel whilst working on UPS systems.

Castell has also reviewed the aesthetics of the KSUPS+. Not only does this improve the look of switchgear cabinets, it also aids operational efficiency and gives a clear indication of where the safety component is located on a panel. Importantly, the KSUPS+ retains the same mounting dimensions as the previous unit and therefore the KSUPS+ can be retrofitted.

Inserting and turning the key operates four pole switch contacts and allows the system to run. The key remains trapped and can only be released when a signal is received by the device and the solenoid is energised. Removing the key switches the contacts to the ‘off’ state, and the key can then be used to open the access interlock.

Simplicity has been at the forefront of the design of the new KSUPS+, as Paul Marks, Castell’s new product development director, explains: “Selecting the old KSUPS meant that customers had to first be sure of the signal voltage for the solenoid, which often led to delays in being able to place the order and selection errors.  Removing these issues has been uppermost in our minds when we looked at how to develop the new KSUPS+. The solution we have delivered is multi-voltage. Together with the improved level of safety offered by the solenoid monitoring, and the enhanced look of the unit, we are sure the KSUPS+ will be a very successful product.”

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Castell introduces unique web shop for safety interlocking industry

In a first for the safety interlocking industry, industrial safety specialist Castell Safety International Ltd has launched a web shop with unique functionality, Porta Castell (


Porta Castell is an online facility that allows customers to order not only Iso-Lok lock-out / tag-out products and replacement FS keys, but now selected trapped key interlocks and Salvo products via a symbol configurator. Iso-Lok padlocks can be ordered according to existing differs or suites, with customers specifying the required differs when placing their order. Replacement spares of trapped key interlocks and Salvo products can also be purchased to suit customers’ existing on-site systems.

Payment can now be made via a purchase order system, in addition to the existing payment (credit / debit) card option. The web shop also features a facility to create and export a quotation to satisfy customers’ paperwork requirements.

Porta Castell ensures that orders are processed faster, with improved lead times for trapped key interlocks and Salvo products; products can be despatched within seven days.

Customers also benefit from an improved acknowledgement service; Porta Castell orders receive an immediate order confirmation.

David Hughes, Castell’s sales director, commented: “This is an important development for Castell. The ability for customers to be able to place orders and select products using Porta Castell will reduce lead times and also ensure that customers can select the correct products at the point of purchase. Castell’s products are installed all over the world – being able to respond to demands from our customers to support this installed base is a key issue that Porta Castell helps solve.”

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New datasheets simplify product selection and reduce order processing times

Wealth of information enables customers to choose products more accurately

Castell Safety International Ltd has updated its product datasheets to help customers order products in the quickest and most efficient manner.


The full and revised set of datasheets show product operation, usage, installation, technical details, drawings, application notes and ordering information in a consistent format. Customers can now select and order products more accurately, ensuring that misunderstandings are kept to a minimum and order processing times dramatically reduced.

The datasheets are available from the download section of the Castell website at:

David Hughes, Castell’s sales and marketing director, commented: “Creating a new set of datasheets for our product range is an important step in enhancing our customer communications. Having full access to technical specifications will allow for more effective product selection and ultimately safer solutions for our customers.”

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Castell appoints sales manager for southern England

Castell has appointed Paul Roberts as its new area sales manager for southern England.


Paul has twenty years’ experience in the automation sector, working for large Japanese, American and Swiss organisations. He holds a Higher National Certificate in engineering and a National Vocational Qualification in engineering manufacture.

“I am really looking forward to working at Castell,” said Paul. “In my short time here, I can see a clear strategy of product and people development. It’s exciting to be part of a growing, successful and experienced team, and to be involved in the continuous improvement that drives the company.”

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New Salvo™ Control Panel+ improves operational performance and installation time

Castell has launched a new control panel for its Salvo range of drive-away prevention products. Suitable for use with automatic and manual loading bay doors, Salvo Control Panel+ (SCP+) is easier both to use and install.


Fast, safe access is an important issue in the loading bay environment. The Salvo system, as reported by existing users, already delivers operating efficiencies in terms of visually indicating loading bay availability, reducing needless waiting time and confirming the presence of trucks ready for loading or unloading. The new SCP+ increases operational efficiency still further with the addition of an illuminated lock; in 24/7 operating environments this feature helps drivers locate the lock portion faster and therefore saves time.

Since Salvo is a global product, with installations across five continents, the operating instructions on the SCP+ have been redesigned to allow understanding regardless of local language. The instructions are now entirely visual, enabling drivers to follow them on the panel, and reducing the time taken by new drivers to understand and operate the system.

The safety function of the control panel has also been enhanced and now features forcibly guided safety relays that deliver a higher level of safety functionality.

SCP+ has also been designed for simpler installation. A new ergonomic enclosure allows for fast access to the electrical terminals and reduces wiring time. As a further development, SCP+ is also multi-voltage and suitable for 24V AC, 24V DC, 110V AC or 230V AC supply. Finally, the panel has been designed using the same footprint and so can be retrofitted easily.

To combat environmental temperatures ranging from the extreme highs of Africa to the biting colds of North America and Russia, SCP+ can be fitted with an internal heater.

David Hughes, Castell’s sales director, commented: “The new SCP+ is a key development in the Salvo range. The increased levels of functionality have been developed in conjunction with our blue-chip global customers. These features will deliver even higher returns on investment, both in terms of safety and operational efficiency, and further enhance our reputation for providing systems that deliver fast, safe access.”

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New website facilitates lockout / tagout purchase

Entire Iso-Lok range now available to order online

Castell has made its complete Iso-Lok range of lockout / tagout products available for purchase online. Customers can order padlocks, multi-clasps and accessories from a new website at This replaces the old website, which could be found at


Aside from new locks, replacement padlocks can now be chosen according to existing differs, with customers providing barrel number details when placing their order; the previous Iso-Lok website only offered new locks.

Customers using the Porta Castell website benefit from an immediate automated order acknowledgement, and receive a second acknowledgement within 24 hours.

Quotations can be created and exported to satisfy paperwork requirements, and then converted back into orders at a later stage.

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New Salvo™ Susie improves operational speed and performance

Industrial safety specialist Castell has developed a new Susie lock for its Salvo™ range of drive-away prevention products. The redesigned Salvo™ Susie features an ergonomic grip that enables the lock to be fitted to and removed from an articulated trailer’s emergency air line coupling more efficiently, especially in wet and cold conditions. This is in keeping with Castell’s product development strategy, which seeks to enable fast, safe access.


The new Susie has also been designed to provide enhanced protection against oil and grease, substances commonly found in the environment in which the lock is used.

Paul Marks, who recently joined Castell as new product development director, explained the thinking behind the new Susie: “Salvo™ is a highly successful system which now protects thousands of loading docks around the world. To build on this success, the new product development team investigated how we could improve the product’s ergonomics and usability. We decided that increasing the product’s ease of use could deliver major advantages to our customers. With its enhanced grip, the new Salvo™ Susie can be fitted and removed faster than before and the thermoplastic elastomer used provides higher levels of protection for the device.”

Jason Reed, Castell’s global Salvo business manager, commented: “The new Susie further strengthens the Salvo™ product range and will deliver real benefits for both new and existing Salvo™ customers in terms of usability and operational efficiency, important issues in today’s high-pressure logistics settings.”

Salvo™ consists of a mechanical key-holding cylindrical lock, which is attached to the articulated trailer’s emergency air line, and an electro-mechanical lock inside the warehouse, fitted to the loading bay door. This system establishes a procedural link between the trailer and the bay door, forcing the driver to immobilise the trailer prior to the door being opened.  If the trailer is not locked in place, loading cannot begin.

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New sales manager for central England

Castell Safety International Ltd has appointed Ed Smith as its new area sales manager for central England.


Ed joins Castell from industrial panel and partition systems manufacturer Troax UK, where he initially spent five years handling internal technical sales before being promoted to business development manager for the company’s automation and robotics division.

Reflecting on his new position, Ed commented: “I believe this is a fantastic opportunity for me to join a forward-looking company with a long-standing history of success. I am relishing the challenge of growing the business and developing new and existing customer relationships within the wide range of industrial sectors that Castell is involved with. I’m very happy to be part of a successful and experienced team and excited to be involved in the structural changes that the company is making.”

Ed graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a bachelor’s degree in financial studies.

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Castell appoints new product development director

Castell Safety International Ltd has appointed Paul Marks as its new product development director. Castell has chosen to expand and strengthen the NPD team following a record year to April 2011.


Paul joins Castell form SMAC Corporation, where he was director and general manager, Europe. He holds a first class degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Surrey.

Commenting on his new position, Paul said: “This is a great opportunity to move Castell towards the next stage in its development. The company invented the trapped key interlock and has a long and established history of innovation in the industry. Castell is the market leader and we intend to build on that position.”

Tim Whelan, Castell’s managing director, was equally pleased: “I am delighted to welcome Paul Marks to our company. He has enjoyed considerable success in his career, both as a developer of innovative engineering products and also a business leader. Paul will be responsible for building on the existing engineering capabilities within Castell to develop new products, and to ensure a disciplined approach to engineering is maintained throughout our worldwide operations. Paul and his dedicated team of engineers will work with our customers and business partners to develop and fortify our rich brand of reliable, innovative products for the machine guarding, switchgear interlocking and logistics safety markets.”

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