Baosteel protecting personnel with Castell’s trapped key interlocks

– Shanghai steel plant safeguarding electrostatic plating process –

Baosteel, the largest steel manufacturer in China and the second largest in the world, is entrusting the safety of personnel at its Shanghai plant to trapped key interlocking systems from Castell.


Many steel plants in China still rely on warning signs to remind employees of recommended operating procedures. However, this method is prone to abuse, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Castell’s products are being used to ensure that Baosteel’s electrostatic plating process is carried out safely. The three interlocking systems completely remove the possibility that personnel who ignore safety procedures could put themselves at risk, by forcing operatives to strictly follow a predetermined series of steps based on the transmission of keys.

Under normal working conditions, when maintenance is required, operatives must first turn and remove the key from the electrical switch; this action isolates the power supply to the electrostatic spray room. The key is inserted into a key exchange unit, releasing four access keys. Each access key opens a specific door into the electrostatic spray room. Electrostatic plating cannot begin again until each access key has been returned to the key exchange unit, and the initial key reinserted into the electrical switch.

David Hughes, Castell’s sales director, commented: “Winning such high profile business is very rewarding, and we are very pleased to be creating long-term partnerships with such important customers. The Castell system Baosteel has implemented will ensure its employees can work in a safe and efficient environment.”

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