Maintenance-Free Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump Can Increase Test Accuracy and Instrument Reliability

BioChem is Improving the Reliability of Life Science Instruments, and the Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump is just one example of how they embody this mission.

Maestro ULTRA

Sodium hydroxide and other salt solutions are often a fundamental part of life science instruments. They can be used as a part of the wash cycle that cleans the machine between samples or as buffer solutions to reduce the risk of sample cross-contamination. Salt solutions help to ensure your machine provides accurate and reliable test results.

However, these vital solutions can be hard on an instrument’s fluidics systems, and they are especially challenging for dispense pumps. Throughout the lifetime of a pump, salt builds up on the pump’s piston. This slowly erodes the seal until a catastrophic leak occurs. Your customer’s testing is now halted until a service technician can come and replace the pump.

The common industry solution to this problem is a flushed seal pump. Flushed seal pumps add a secondary fluid chamber and seal to the pump as a way of keeping salt from drying on the piston. However this design introduces many challenges and risks for instrument manufacturers. A second pump system is required to circulate the wash fluid, and the pump dimensions must increase to make room for the secondary fluid chamber. This system also makes leaks harder to detect – a leak of the main seal would lead to sample contamination by the wash fluid rather than pump failure. Cross-contamination risks increase exponentially when flushed seal pumps are strung together in parallel, endangering the reliability and accuracy of test results.

BioChem created a unique piston pump to solve these problems.

The Maestro ULTRA piston pump eliminates the need for maintenance in instruments and applications using salt solutions. Like the original Maestro Piston Pump, machined critical components allow for tighter tolerance control, resulting in improved accuracy, precision, and pump life. The ULTRA has been engineered to last in salty environments, featuring a new, super-hydrophobic piston material which keeps fluid and salt from adhering to the piston. The accuracy and precision BioChem’s Maestro line of piston pumps helps to ensure your instrument provides the most accurate test results. With Maestro ULTRA your instrument can withstand your customers’ harshest solutions so they experience less down time due to maintenance and can spend more time saving lives.

ULTRA is truly the pump that conquers salt. You can find out more about the Maestro ULTRA by reading its white paper and visiting

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