Come and see Berson’s Award-Winning Technology at Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs!

If you’ve visiting Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs in March, why not say hello to Sylvester the Wise Owl on Berson’s booth? Sylvester is the talisman of the ‘Masters in UV’ and accompanies Berson to just about every trade show it attends.

Sylvester the Wise Owl. Berson UV.

Sylvester the Wise Owl. Berson UV.

Berson will also have some exciting new UV technologies on show for disinfection, control and monitoring. Call past booth 274 to find out more.

Visitors can see the brand new LPHO (low pressure, high output) multi-lamp UV systems. Two models are available: a ‘U’ configuration with a smaller footprint for lower UV Transmittance (UVT) applications where higher doses are required (such as wastewater reuse or virus removal); and an ‘L’ configuration for higher UVT and lower dose requirements (for example drinking water applications). Both configurations create a rotational liquid flow, ensuring extensive mixing of the fluid and optimal disinfection performance while minimising head-loss.

Also on show will be the award-winning new BersonSense line of products: BersonSense, UV Connect, BersonAqua and BersonAero.

BersonSense is the world’s first transmittance monitor to use UV-LED technology. It provides UV disinfection system manufacturers and operators with highly accurate UV transmittance (UVT) readings in all conditions over an extended lifetime, ensuring proper UV dosing and efficient operation.

UV Connect is a wireless logging device allowing operators to remotely monitor the performance of their UV systems. The logger plugs into any UV system and works with a complimentary application to make UV system information available on the user’s smart phone or tablet device. UV Connect is the first app to provide users with UV system information. Besides UV systems, this versatile product can also monitor other process equipment such as pumps and filters, providing information on system performance, alarm status, lamp running hours and other critical operating parameters.

BersonAqua, the winner of the 2013 International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) Product Innovation Award, is a mercury-free, low power UV-LED disinfection unit for low flow applications, while BersonAero offers a customisable array of UV-LED modules for easy integration into existing surface treatment applications, such as curing.

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