Halma announces record earnings and strategy for continued expansion

– £100m earmarked for acquisitions –

Halma p.l.c. (www.halma.com), the leading global safety, health and sensor technology group and parent company of Berson, has announced record results with profits up 9% to £86m and revenue rising by 1% to £459m. The UK-based group has posted strong financials to raise shareholder dividends by 7%, the thirty-first consecutive year of increases greater than 5%. The company plans to augment its organic growth efforts through acquisition of complementary technology companies, as it has done for many years.

Halma’s subsidiaries operate in three main market sectors: Health and Analysis (which includes Halma’s fluid technology companies), Infrastructure Sensors, and Industrial Safety, creating shareholder value with consistent organic growth and sound acquisitions. Halma companies operate as independent entities under the day-to-day direction of their local management, while reaping the capital and network benefits of a larger multi-national parent.

The company is seeking successful and profitable companies that are closely allied to any of its current market sectors, although fluid technology is a particular focus. It has £100m earmarked for acquisitions.

Halma’s fluid technology companies make critical components such as pumps, valves, probes, connectors and tubing used by scientific and medical diagnostic instrument manufacturers for demanding fluid handling applications. Its companies also manufacture dryers, humidifiers, and sample conditioning components and equipment used in medical, environmental and scientific analytical equipment. Its UV water treatment equipment is used all over the world in a wide variety of applications for progressive, non-chemical disinfection and microbiological control.

“There continues to be strong demand for our fluid technology products, both on the component and the water treatment side,” explains Chuck Dubois, Divisional Chief Executive of Halma’s Fluid Technology Division. “Scientific and medical diagnostic fields are expanding with new equipment and technology. Water resources and access to safe, clean water are global concerns. We are looking for companies with products and technologies that can meet these demands. The capital, marketing and technical resources Halma can offer, to the right company, can enable these technologies to reach their full market potential.”

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Halma is a holding company of approximately 35 worldwide subsidiaries that develop and manufacture products that protect lives and improve quality of life for people worldwide. The company’s business groups focus on industrial safety, health and analysis and infrastructure sensors.

To present potential acquisitions opportunities, please contact Chuck Dubois, Chief Executive, Fluid Technology Division (chuck.dubois@halma.com), Tel: + 1 203 731 0200.

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