EDPS Eases Installation for Advanced Entry Systems

Automatic swinging door lock out system reduces return calls for installer

Pittsburgh, Pa. (May 16, 2011) – BEA’s Enhanced Door Position System (EDPS) for automatic swinging doors has helped Advanced Entry Systems (Portland, Ore.) by providing easy installation and reliable performance.

BEA’s EDPS system for automatic swinging doors.

BEA’s EDPS system for automatic swinging doors.

Advanced Entry Systems, a division of the Stoner Electric Group, is the largest automatic door sales and service company in the Pacific Northwest.  The company has used the BEA EDPS on several applications.  According to Project Manager Robert Rivera, the EDPS is easy to install and saves time and operating costs by minimizing return calls for service.

“Distant installations can cause difficulties if you have technical issues when installing a unit.  I have to feel confident in anything I install to minimize return calls that can take place after leaving the job site, which negatively impact margins.  With the advent of a system that depends on the actual door position, rather than motor voltage, I have the confidence that I need,” says Rivera.

EDPS uses advanced positioning technology to eliminate problems with automatic swinging doors commonly caused by stack pressure inside the building or manual opening and closing.  The system features automatic inhibiting of the swing side door mounting sensors, removing the need for a mechanical limit switch.  It can be installed on any new or retrofit swing door system, and works on AC, DC, PWM, pneumatic and hydraulic operators.

All of BEA’s activation and safety sensors plug directly into the EDPS hub using quick disconnects.  The hub uses a basic two button and display routine for easy programming, and features ten programmable operation modes and eight troubleshooting functions to simplify installation and door servicing.

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