BEA’s New IS40 Industrial Sensor Combines Activation with Presence Sensing

Dual technology sensor eliminates the need for separate sensors or costly, high-maintenance inductive loops

Pittsburgh, Pa. (January 31, 2008) – To eliminate the need for buying and maintaining multiple sensors or an inductive loop, BEA introduces the combined motion and presence sensing IS40 Dual Technology Sensor for the industrial automatic door industry.  The IS40 detects motion to activate automatic doors and presence in the doorway to keep doors from closing when an object is in the threshold area.

IS40 Dual Technology Sensor

The IS40 is the first Dual Technology sensor designed for the industrial market, and takes the place of two sensors.  The sensor is both an activation device for industrial doors as well as a presence sensing replacement for inductive loops, which often require costly facility modification for installation.  It can detect large masses, such as forklifts or large pallets, and discern humans from these objects.

With millisecond reaction times, the IS40 prevents damage to industrial automatic doors and equipment caused by doors closing on an object.  Multiple specialized activation modes allow the IS40 to be customized to fit specific application needs.  The infrared and microwave sensors can be adjusted to fit an application’s requirements such as size of activation area, size of activator (person versus vehicle) and length of activation.

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