New wiring looms facilitate emergency telephone installation

Memcom now integrated into lifts more quickly and easily

Leading provider of lift safety and communication systems Avire has developed new wiring looms for its Memcom emergency alarm system, to make integrating Memcom into installed lifts a quick and simple process.

emergency telephone looms, Memcom

The looms, which are pre-wired into the Memcom terminal block, allow the lift’s existing pictograms and alarm push buttons to be used and provide labelled wires to connect to these components.

Some of the looms also contain relays, removing the need to source and install relays to switch pictograms. In these cases, the loom is simply plugged into the Memcom and wired into the lift as detailed on the wiring labels.

The latest version of Memcom features a new interface in which programming relies on a tick-box system and drop-down menus rather than code-based prefixes and suffixes, making programming the unit a simpler and more intuitive process. This makes Memcom the first emergency telephone on the market that can be programmed without codes or a programming tool.

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