Janus E-Motive Customized Displays Supplied to London Underground

LED screens enhance communication
Hauppauge, N.Y. (September 16, 2009) –E-Motive LED displays have been installed in renovated stations of London’s Underground.  Available from Janus Elevator Products in the United States, the LED screens were custom-designed for the project.

London Underground BLOG

E-Motive was approached by Dewhurst, the elevator component supplier, following a request for a new specification of display from their client, a major elevator manufacturer.  The displays needed to be very bright – to make them easily visible from a distance – and able to show elevator position, upper and lower case letters, as well as both standard and customized messages.

Due to the different elevator car sizes found in the nine Underground stations concerned, the displays also had to be supplied in two non-standard lengths, with a provisional design made for a third version, yet to be delivered.  By adapting its existing range of long displays and modifying the relevant software, E-Motive was able to quickly supply screens that met the project specifications.

“Our client was amazed by the speed of E-Motive’s response,” said Mike Leach, head of European elevator sales at Dewhurst. “Within a week of their enquiry, they’d been sent a photo, and a week later they received a product sample.”

The company’s E-Motive Display line is a recognized industry leader in elevator display and monitoring technology. Screens are interfaced with the elevator controller to automatically display elevator position and direction.  Janus offers a wide selection of displays and monitoring systems, ranging from simple dot-matrix directional displays to the high-end, full-color multimedia screens.  Select models can be programmed to provide live TV feeds, video clips, animations, still ads, stock market information and any combination of fixed or variable text messages.

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