Janus Unveils New Logo

Halma Elevator Division logo brings together global sister companies under one corporate identity

Hauppauge, New York (October 24, 2007) – Janus Elevator Products has adopted a new logo to reflect the company’s changing business identity.  Sister U.S.-based Halma group companies Electronic Micro Systems (EMS) and Monitor Controls Inc. were folded into Janus in 2005 and 2006, respectively.  More recently, the company has also united with international sister companies, Memco (headquartered in the UK) and TL Jones/E-Motive Display (headquartered in Singapore), to form a global distribution network for all the company’s elevator products.  

New HEV logos

The Halma elevator division companies have established sales offices all over the world and each company has expanded its offerings to encompass products across the range.  Customers on all levels of the industry supply chain now have local sales and service contacts with a high level of supply and support for Janus, Memco and TL Jones door safety detector edges, E-Motive display technologies, Electronic Micro Systems (EMS) phones and phone systems, and Monitor Controls’ fixtures.

“The new logo is a visual representation of the brands and services we now offer,” explained Janus’ President, Mike Byrne.  “Each of the brands has such a strong reputation in the marketplace, it just made sense to keep them as part of the identity of our new organization.”

Customers in North and South America, visit www.januselevator.com, or contact Janus at 1 800-527-9156 for more information.  European customers, visit www.memco.co.uk, or contact Memco at +44 (0)1628 770 734.  Asia Pacific customers, visit www.tljones.com, or contact TL Jones at +64 3 3494456.

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