Janus Panachrome 3D Protects Long Island Veterans

Infrared system provides visible door cues

Hauppauge, New York (January 12, 2007) – Panachrome 3D elevator safety detection systems from Janus Elevator Products have been selected by the Northport Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) to protect its patients from elevator injury.  The system’s infrared detection system holds the elevator doors open as passengers exit and enter, while illuminated segments along the edges visually inform passengers of the doors’ movements.

 Panachrome 3D

Located on the shores of Long Island, the Northport VAMC provides medical, surgical, psychiatric, rehabilitative and skilled nursing care to veterans of our armed forces.  The old mechanical style edges installed at the center were a safety concern.  In order for the doors to retract during the closing cycle, the edges required physical contact with an object in the doors’ path.  Patients in varying stages of rehabilitation were unable to pass through the doors quickly, putting them at risk of being bumped by the doors before the safety edges activated.  In a hospital environment, such contact could likely result in additional injury.

The new Panachrome 3D system uses infrared light technology, not physical contact, to detect obstructions and direct door movement.  The 154-beam light curtain offers maximum passenger protection with 3D detection in the landing zone and 2D detection between the doors. 

Additional safety is built in with the unique red and green illuminated segments along the edges, alerting elevator passengers to door movement.  The lighted strips glow green when it is safe to enter and exit the elevator and flash red to signal that the doors are about to close.  Solid red is displayed as the doors are closing, warning passengers to stand clear.  Once the doors have closed fully, the edges turn off, saving power. 

Timing of the color changes is dictated by the firmware inside the control box, making installation simple.  “The VAMC’s Electrical Plant was able to install the edges without special tools or instruction.  The wiring for the lighted edges was the same as with standard edges,” explained Mike Boyle, Supervisor (Electrical).

“Since installation, we no longer have the complaints of bumping we did with the old edges,” he continued.  “It’s a much safer system for our facility–patients can’t move quickly to get out of the way of moving doors.  With the Panachrome 3D, they get plenty of advance warning and can take their time.”

The system complies with ADA requirements, is suitable for both center-opening and side-opening doors, and can be configured to different operating modes to suit particular installation needs. 


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