Optimize Elevator Safety with Janus’ Panachrome 3D

Hauppauge, New York (October 20, 2006) – The Panachrome 3D elevator safety detection system from Janus Elevator Products combines premium infrared protection with illuminated segments that visually inform passengers when it is safe to enter or leave the elevator.

Panachrome 3D 

Designed specifically for sites where additional safety is required by users, such as retirement homes, hospitals and public access buildings, the Panachrome 3D uses a combination of 3D detection in the landing zone and 2D detection between the doors, with a 154-beam light curtain offering maximum passenger protection.  Additionally, the unique red/green illuminated segments provide visual indicators to passengers, glowing green when it is safe to enter and exit the elevator and changing to red to signal that the doors are about to close. 

The product is now available in an Ultraslim 3/8 inch profile in addition to the standard 1 5/8 inch profile, with a nearly 20 foot range.  It can be configured to different operating modes to suit particular installation needs.  The ‘timeout’ mode is ideal for hospitals as the doors will only start to close if the 3D detection zone is clear, giving gurneys and wheelchairs time to enter the elevator safely.  At airports it allows passengers with luggage carts and suitcases to avoid early door closings as they board the elevator.

The product complies with ADA requirements and the detectors can be used on both center-opening and side-opening doors. 


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