Aquionics Appoints New Municipal Sales Manager, Paul Ropic

Erlanger, Ky. (January 23, 2012) – UV disinfection specialist Aquionics has named Paul Ropic its new Municipal Sales Manager. In his new position, Ropic will lead the growth of the company’s sales of water/ wastewater disinfection units for municipal applications.

Aquionics Municipal Sales Manager, Paul Ropic.

Aquionics Municipal Sales Manager, Paul Ropic.

Prior to joining Aquionics, Ropic was Territory Manager for Wedeco Products (Charlotte, N.C.), where he was responsible for sales of municipal UV and ozone projects in 25 states. Ropic is registered as a Chartered Engineer by the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Salford University (Manchester, UK).

Aquionics systems utilize UV light to destroy microorganisms’ reproductive abilities on a cellular level. The chemical free disinfection process produces water that is both clean and environmentally safe.

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Aquionics and Dot Metrics Sign JDA to Combine Disinfection Technologies

Collaboration will produce unprecedented disinfection products

Erlanger, Kentucky (July 25, 2011) – UV disinfection specialist Aquionics has signed a Joint Development Agreement with LED expert Dot Metrics Technologies (Charlotte, N.C.) to develop a new line of UV-LED disinfection products. The agreement formalizes several months of working together to bring new disinfection systems to the market.

Aquionics and Dot Metrics have signed a Joint Development Agreement to combine efforts.

Aquionics and Dot Metrics have signed a Joint Development Agreement to combine efforts.

Dot Metrics is a small company associated with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It focuses on UV LED systems development for disinfection of water, air and surfaces. For several years, Dot Metrics has been testing and discovering new applications for UV LEDs.

UV treatment of fluids is replacing traditional chemical treatment in many applications, however it still has a number of drawbacks. UV LEDs overcome almost all the problems associated with standard, mercury-based UV disinfection.

“The joint development effort between Dot Metrics and Aquionics is a great example of a successful collaboration. Dot Metrics brings innovative UV LED expertise and Aquionics contributes its experience and resources to rapidly commercialize the technology and provide access to key markets,” said Dot Metrics President and CEO, Rosanna Stokes. “In addition, access to technology from Aquionics’ sister companies within the water and photonics industries provides a strong basis for a long term relationship. The combined results of our efforts will provide a novel, small footprint, non-mercury based UV disinfection system in the market.”

“The development of UV LED chips has progressed significantly in the last few years to allow commercial adoption. Dot Metrics brings added value in packaging the chips and configuring them in a usable system,” says Aquionics President, Oliver Lawal. “After months of collaboration, we are pleased to announce our formal agreement as we work together towards the completion of a remarkable new range of products.”


Compact Open Channel UV Water Disinfection from Aquionics

Customizable OpenLine allows users to expand system for future needs

Erlanger, Kentucky (January 7, 2011) – Supplying environmentally safe treatment of effluent before it’s released into the environment, Aquionics introduces the OpenLine UV disinfection system.  The unit minimizes the impact that municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities have on local ecosystems.

The OpenLine UV disinfection system from Aquionics.

The OpenLine UV disinfection system from Aquionics.

Using open channel, low pressure, high output UV amalgam lamps, the OpenLine destroys microorganisms’ reproductive abilities on a cellular level.  Treated effluent is free of residual chemicals and can be safely passed into the environment, without the risk of pollution.

The OpenLine is available in eight models, for treatment flow ranges from 15 to 1400 gallons per minute.  The compact system offers a smaller footprint than similar products, with only one power source required.  The unit’s UV lamps feature a 14,000 hour lamp life guarantee and an automatic quartz sleeve wiping system for reduced maintenance and optimal performance.  OpenLine’s control unit comes with a lamp hour counter and status monitoring as standard.  To accommodate future flow increases, the system can be expanded with additional UV modules without replacing the current UV channel and components.

Additional UV modules can be added to smaller models without replacing the UV channel or other components.  This allows customers to expand their unit if their future flows increase.

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