Mercury-Free Water Disinfection from Aquionics

UV-Pearl only device to offer UV-C LED technology for low power water treatment

Erlanger, Ky. (October 23, 2012) – Aquionics’ new UV-Pearl is the world’s first water disinfection system to use UV-C LED technology, allowing instant full intensity on start-up and mercury-free water treatment. The compact system can operate as a standalone unit or be easily integrated into OEM devices, ultrapure water generators, process water loops, medical sterilization equipment and many other point-of-use applications.

The UV-Pearl UV-C LED disinfection system from Aquionics.

The UV-Pearl UV-C LED disinfection system from Aquionics.

The UV-Pearl uses highly efficient UV LED lamps, which emit waves of light in the deep UV spectral (UV-C) range that destroy microorganisms on a cellular level. The LEDs can be tuned to different wavelengths from 240-280 nm, allowing targeting of specific pathogens. The Pearl is capable of producing a UV Dose of 60mJ/cm2 at a flow of 0.5 gpm (1.89 lpm) with only 50mW of optical power. These results were repeated at two independent laboratories using the Bacteriophage MS2 virus as a subject, and represent a significant improvement from UV-C LED research presented over the last decade.

UV-Pearl is capable of withstanding unlimited cycling without lamp degradation. The system is not affected by water temperature and can continue to operate with no flow.