Aquionics’ UV Disinfection at WEFTEC 2011

Erlanger, Kentucky (September 7, 2011) – Aquionics will feature demonstrations of its UV disinfection products, as well as a presentation on different UV technologies at WEFTEC 2011. The event will take place from October 15-19 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (Los Angeles, Calif.). Visitors can stop by booth 1575 to see the Aquionics InLine+ C and OpenLine UV disinfection systems.

The Aquionics InLine+ C and OpenLine UV Disinfection Systems.

The Aquionics InLine+ C and OpenLine UV Disinfection Systems.

Aquionics’ InLine+ C is a medium pressure, closed vessel UV disinfection system. Its single-ended chamber design relocates all system components to one side of the vessel, allowing it to be installed against a wall, floor or other tight fitting space.

The OpenLine is a stainless steel open channel UV system that uses amalgam lamp technology to kill harmful microorganisms in water. Eight models are available with the largest handling flow rates up to 1 million gallons per day. Systems utilizing an open channel concrete design are available for larger flows.

Both products feature simple installation, and virtually maintenance-free operation with a standard automatic quartz sleeve wiping system, variable power ballast output and 3rd party validations for conformance to USEPA drinking water guidelines, NWRI reuse guidelines and NSF approval.

In addition, Aquionics will be giving a presentation entitled “Open Channel vs. Closed Channel for Wastewater: Cost Comparison,” at the show on October 18 at 10:30 a.m. The presentation compares the two technologies for use in the wastewater industry by providing real life data on capital cost, operation and maintenance, and installation cost from previous projects.

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