PharmaLine PQ Validated UV Disinfection for Pharmaceutical Applications

UV dosage display confirms reduction of microorganisms

Erlanger, Kentucky (March 24, 2011) – Providing chemical-free disinfection for low flow pharmaceutical and biotech applications, Aquionics offers the new PharmaLine PQ UV disinfection system.  PharmaLine PQ uses USEPA approved UV lamps to destroy pathogens without chemicals, and is 3rd party validated for use in the production of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The Aquionics PharmaLine PQ validated UV disinfection system.

The Aquionics PharmaLine PQ validated UV disinfection system.

Water passed through the system is exposed to UV light, destroying the reproductive abilities of various microorganisms, viruses, yeasts, molds and algae.  PharmaLine PQ ensures the total reduction of microorganisms with its integrated UV dosage display.  In addition, an online duty sensor can be checked against an optional reference sensor to ensure the UV unit is performing within specification.  Aquionics’ UV systems help provide water to the highest possible standards as demanded by regulatory bodies such as the FDA, including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


Open Channel UV Means Wastewater Disinfection Compliance for Wilsonville

Aquionics unit provides chemical-free disinfection for safe discharge of wastewater

Erlanger, Kentucky (March 2, 2011) – Aquionics, a market leader in UV disinfection technology, helped the Wilsonville Power Systems Development Facility (Wilsonville, Ala.) meet a growing demand for wastewater treatment and comply with state regulations.  In four years of operation, contaminants have been kept within permit limits with minimal maintenance.

Aquionics’ OpenLine 30 UV disinfection system allows Wilsonville to comply with state and local regulations.

Aquionics’ OpenLine 30 UV disinfection system allows Wilsonville to comply with state and local regulations.

The Wilsonville Power Systems Development Facility (PSDF) is a research and development center that tests various processes, mainly coal-based technologies, before they are implemented at power supply facilities.  In 2006, the growing plant employed 200 people and produced a wastewater flow of about 25 GPM.  With its size expected to double in the near future, the facility was required by state and local regulators to start disinfecting its wastewater.  The existing wastewater treatment facility in Wilsonville was too far away for the facility to connect.  Therefore, the PSDF decided to build its own wastewater treatment facility.

After evaluating competing products, Wilsonville PSDF decided that Aquionics’ OpenLine 30 UV disinfection system most closely met with their specifications and budget requirements.  The OpenLine is an open channel disinfection unit, which uses low pressure, high output UV lamps to destroy microorganisms’ reproductive abilities on a cellular level.  The facility installed the OpenLine system in 2007 as the last item in the plant process, providing final treatment of the water before it is discharged into a local river.

The state issued permit required that no single grab sample of the water leaving the Wilsonville PSDF could have more than 200 fecal colonies per 100 ml.  The OpenLine system has provided the necessary disinfection required to meet the site’s permit.  In addition, the system offers a compact footprint and requires virtually no maintenance.  The OpenLine has operated for 21,000 hours since installation, meeting disinfection requirements without needing UV lamp replacement.

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