Aquionics’ UV Systems Help City Reclaim Wetlands

Facility safely treats wastewater and rejuvenates local natural area

Erlanger, Kentucky (September 23, 2010) – UV disinfection specialist Aquionics helped the city of Carnation in King County, WA create an innovative, environmentally conscientious way of dealing with wastewater, using the company’s InLine 7500+ UV systems.

Aquionics’ UV systems allow Carnation, WA to safely treat wastewater while rejuvenating the Chinook Bend wetlands (inset).

Aquionics’ UV systems allow Carnation, WA to safely treat wastewater while rejuvenating the Chinook Bend wetlands (inset).

Carnation, a city of about 1,900 residents, had never used a central sewage system; relying instead upon individual septic tanks and drainage fields to handle its wastewater disposal needs.  However, soil surveys conducted in 1987 revealed that the city’s current wastewater disposal method had become insufficient for the growing population’s needs, and continued usage of the current system posed a contamination threat to the local unprotected aquifer.  Carnation anticipated its future growth and recognized the associated health and environment problems that could come without a more developed wastewater system. 

To deal with this issue, Carnation worked with King County officials to develop plans for a new sewage system and wastewater treatment facility.  Officials chose to integrate a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) system with UV disinfection technology to ensure that the treated water would be clean and environmentally safe.  Reclaimed water would then be discharged to nearby 59-acre Chinook Bend Natural Area to foster growth of wildlife and restore the wetlands.  The resulting facility was awarded the “Small Project of the Year Award” at the 2008 WateReuse Symposium in Dallas, Texas.

To find UV disinfection equipment suitable for this application, King County turned to Aquionics Inc.  Aquionics provided two parallel trains of InLine 7500+ units installed in-series after the MBR system.  The units are closed vessel, which allow them to flange directly to the piping from the MBR.  Each train is capable of treating large volumes of water, with one train treating up to 1.4 million gallons per day, while the second train provides back up treatment.  The system utilizes medium pressure, high intensity lamps to provide a compact footprint for disinfection.  The InLine systems are low maintenance, with automatic mechanical cleaning to keep quartz sleeves surrounding each UV lamp deposit free. 

The Carnation wastewater plant’s discharge is Class A; the highest quality level of reclaimed water recognized by the state of Washington.  Water is released into Chinook Bend Natural Area throughout the year, except during maintenance periods when output can be switched to the nearby Snoqualmie River. 

According to Carnation wastewater plant supervisor, Dan Zimmer, the UV equipment’s performance has met expectations producing reclaimed water for the facility without any permit violations.  In May 2010, after two successful years of operation, the automatic cleaning system had worked flawlessly and the UV lamps only required a single change.  “The UV equipment at the Carnation site has performed well, while requiring minimal maintenance.  I would recommend Aquionics’ closed vessel UV systems to another plant,” said Zimmer.

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Aquionics Announces New President Oliver Lawal

Lawal to continue company’s growth in municipal and industrial markets

Erlanger, Kentucky (September 10, 2010) – UV disinfection specialist Aquionics has named Oliver Lawal as its new President.  Lawal was promoted from the position of Technical Director in the UV division of Aquionics’ parent company, Halma Plc., following the departure of previous Aquionics president, Bill Decker.

Oliver Lawal, President of Aquionics.

Oliver Lawal, President of Aquionics.

“Bill had an impressive amount of success as President of Aquionics.  I’m excited to continue where he left off, and drive further growth in the municipal and industrial markets,” said Lawal.

Lawal joined Aquionics and Halma Plc in 2009.  Having worked for companies in the US, UK, New Zealand and Germany, Lawal has over 12 years of global experience with UV products and applications.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Integrated Engineering Systems from Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester, UK).

Lawal will be available for a meet-and-greet at Aquionics’ booth #2607 Hall E, at the WEFTEC 2010 Conference and Expo.

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