Aquionics Presentation at the WQTC

Oliver Lawal, Aquionics’ Vice President of Technology, has co-authored a paper entitled “UV Intensity Setpoint Approach Re-Defined”, which is being presented at the Water Quality Technology Conference (WQTC) in Seattle in November.  The other authors are David Gaithuma, Harold Wright (Carollo Engineers) and Steve Larner (Hanovia Ltd).

The paper presents an alternative approach to develop online dose monitoring strategies that do not require UV-T input by using validated calculated dose algorithms. Based on microbiological verification data measured with Aquionics’ new AF3™ series, this represents a breakthrough for small communities employing UV systems for the disinfection of drinking water.

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Aquionics Launches New Products at WEFTEC

Aquionics unveiled two new products at the Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) in Orlando, Florida in October, along with exhibiting its well established InLine™ series of UV water treatment systems.

Aquionics Booth 2_blog

The two new offering were the OpenLine™ series of pre-engineered, self contained open channel UV systems for wastewater applications and the AF3™ series, which is fully validated in accordance with USEPA guidelines for low flow drinking water applications.  Both systems employ Low Pressure, High Output UV lamps, resulting in long lamp life and low operating costs.

Aquionics Booth 1_blog

These products combine with the proven, small footprint, InLine™ systems to give owners and consulting engineers additional choices when considering ultraviolet disinfection.

For additional information on the OpenLine™, AF3™ or the InLine™ products, please email .

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Aquionics Launches ‘OpenLine’ Open Channel UV Wastewater Disinfection Systems

New Aquionics UV system is 100% pre-engineered for wastewater applications

UV disinfection specialist Aquionics ( launched its new OpenLine range of open channel UV wastewater treatment systems at this year’s WEFTEC exhibition in Orlando, Florida.


(Photo caption 1: Aquionics’ new OpenLine open channel UV wastewater disinfection system)

100% pre-engineered for wastewater applications, the OpenLine is specifically designed to treat secondary wastewater flows of up to two and a half million gallons per day (1,736 gallons/minute) and over a wide range of UV transmittances. It utilizes a new type of low pressure, high output (LPHO) amalgam lamp that offers a stable output over its entire operating life of up to 14,000 hours.


(Photo caption 2: The automatic, pneumatic wiper on the UV lamps of Aquionics’ new OpenLine UV wastewater disinfection system)

The OpenLine’s flexible, modular design means simple installation and maintenance, making it the ideal open channel UV system for municipalities with low flow requirements. Inspired by Aquionics’ successful InLine+ Series of closed vessel UV systems, the OpenLine is the first ‘plug-and-play’ open channel UV system available on the market. Installation is straightforward: the unit is simply placed on a flat surface, the inlet and outlet piping is connected, and it is ready to use. The totally self-contained unit negates the need to install lamp wires through conduits or connect chemical feed systems.